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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grand Chistera--Minor Modality--Update

The purpose of this update is more to introduce a modality than to update a competition. In this case we have an opportunity to link to video of Grand Chistera. Grand Chistera, for those who don't know, is Jai Alai (or Cesta Punta) played on a fronton place libre (explained on the modalities page on the right side of the blog). These courts are usually about 80 meters long, far larger than any of the indoor courts you will see in these updates. So large that a crash helmet sport is played without headgear. It is amazing to watch and we happen to have access to some very nice video.

From Championnat de France 2016 National B Grand Chistera Competition:

A round of 16 match played on July 10, 2016

White (Eyheagary-Pierrou-J. Portet) defeated Blue (Guignard-Hernandez-Medina) 40-13. Source for score and competition information: Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque.

Match site

For the competition site, simply hit the "retour" key at the match site. This will give you an idea of the size and context of the competition.

Selected match video (Source: Olivier Simon via Tout sur la Pelote Basque Youtube site). 7 minutes 39 seconds. This video is taken from behind the players.

We also have access to another Grand Chistera match video, taken from last year's Championnat de France Pro-Am 2015 competition.

A poul match.

White (J.Olharan-L.Alliez-S.Itoiz) defeated Green (C.Pierrou-A.Alliez-J.Portet)  40-34.

Selected match video (Source: Tout sur la Pelote Basque Youtube site.) 23 minutes, 14 seconds. This video is taken from in front of the players.

There are three interesting things to look for. One is the comparison between back and front views. The second is that these matches are contested among teams of three. The third, which you will easily see, is the difference in talent between National Class B and Professional players.

Note also that Jerome Portet played in both matches. He was also involved in CdF Championnat de France Junior and Senior Level Cesta Punta championships in March of 2016. He is the back man in white in the B match and the back man in Green in the Pro/Am match.

Arnaud Alliez and Jean Olharan are professional players that we will spend quite some time with later in this blog.