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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Jai Alai World Tour--CTO. Parejas MPB quarter-finals

The Jai Alai World Tour has moved into its second phase the CTO. Parejas MPB (doubles) and CPO. Indidual MPB championships. At the site you will find scheduled matches, results, match articles, rules of the competition, player pages, and how the player points are determined, among other information.

Source for all score and match article information, unless otherwise specifically stated: Jai Alai World Tour website.

CPO Parejas Quarter Finals

At Jostalde FrontonHondarribia:

August 19, 2016

Egiguren-Enbil defeated Hormaetxea-Amigorena 2-1 (15-9, 13-15, 5-1)

Goikoetxea-Etcheto defeated Barandika-Txasio 2-0 (15-6, 15-10)

Match article for both matches

Full match video for both matches (Source: EITB)

August 20, 2016

At Fronton Gernika Jai Alai (1) (2):

Erik-Lekerika defeated Olha-Alliez 2-0 (15-2, 15-9)

Beaskoetxea-Aldazabal defeated Olharan-Erkiaga 2-0 (15-5, 15-9)

Match story for both articles

Semi-finals are on September 2, 2016 at Zumaia, with the final on September 10, 2016, at Donastia.