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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Main Nue--"Meste du Marcat"

"Meste du Marcat", a singles competition, was contested at Trinquet Recalde, Peyrehorade, July 27, August 3, and  August 7, 2016.

Source for all score information:

July 27

1st Semi-final

Ospital defeated de Ezcurra 40-37

August 3

2nd Semi-final

L. Lambert defeated Harismendy 40-21

August 7


Ospital defeated L. Lambert 40-27

Selected Match Video: (Source: Daniel du Peyrehorade Sport Facebook page via Remember to click on "desactiver" below the video before viewing to turn off pfp's auto refresh feature.

Video covers first 7 points (3-0O, 3-3, 4-3O) and last 5 points (begins at 36-26) 36-27, 40-27.