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Monday, August 22, 2016

Multiple Modalities--Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque Grand Semaine

FFPB (Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque) recently completed it's Grand Semaine of amateur National Championship Finals. The competitions took place from August 7-14 at various locations in the North Basque. Most of the competitions were contested outdoors at Fronton Place Libres.

Finals were held on many age and competency levels. The highlights were National A and B finals in the following modalities:

Main Nue, Paleta Cuir, Grand Chistera, Rebot, Grosse Pala, Paleta de Gomme Creuse, Joko Garbi, and Paleta de Gomme Pleine. Paleta de Gomme Creuse finals were women's competitions. All others were men's.

Grand Semaine:



Match Summaries:

637 photos--each final score is in the photos

Complete competition contexts:

Select "Championnat de France 2015-16"

Click on "voir le resultats"

Five competitions were accompanied by match videos, either full, condensed, or selected.

A. Main Nue:

National A Final (Sources: Esku Pilota and Pays d'Orthe Main Nue Youtube sites):

Esku Pilota (complete match)

Pays d'Orthe Main Nue (selections, different angle, scoreboard visible)

For the context of this match see the Main Nue competition page at

B. Paleta Cuir

4 match videos (Source: Toutes sur la Pelote Basque Youtube site)

See all "Cuir MAG Nat. A" videos. Matches are full, condensed, or selected points.

For full context of these matches see the Paleta Cuir competition page at

Scroll until you see film icons.

These were competition matches. There was no video of the final.

C. Grand Chistera:

National B Match (Source: Toutes sur la Pelote Basque Youtube site).

For full context of this match see the National B Grand Chistera Competition page at

Scroll to July 10, 2016 "Section Paloise" for this particular match. Video
is of selected points. This was a selected match. Final match was not available. The Pau team in this video won the National B title.

D. Rebot:

National A Final (Source: Pilotarivideo Youtube site).

This is a selected points video

For the context of this match see the Rebot competition page at

E. Grosse Pala

1. National A: (Source for both: PilotariP Youtube site)

Second Semi-final (Soustonnaise v Basco-Bearnais)


For complete context of both see the Grosse Pala A competition page at

National B: (Source: Grosse Pala Facebook page)

Semi-Final: (Pey v Agenais)

For complete context see the Grosse Pala B competition page at

Final was not available.