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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Remonte--Tourneo Kutxabank--Workings of the Tournament, Players--Results through the semi-finals

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September 3, 2016:

2nd Semi-final

Barrenetxea IV defeated Ion 30-13

Full match video (Source: EITB)

Match article (Oriamendi2010)

Match Article (Diario Vasco) This article contains a complete match linescore and statistics.

Scoring: (Source: EITB) Barrenetxea +23 -5; Ion +8 -7  Two of the three sources used agreed that Barrenextea's +23 included 13 service aces.

Barrenetxea IV dominated the match from the early stages. He scored almost half his points on service aces, something Urriza (his opponent in the final next Saturday, September 10, and who played today directly after him--that match, which was highlighted by Ezkurra in the back court--is also available on the above video) surely noticed. Barrenetxea IV has averaged 11.5 service aces in the two matches in this tournament where the match article mentioned service ace data.  He has also defeated one of the best three front courters on the roster, Uterga, on his way to this final. In that match, according to an article linked to in the "Star" match results (under the recurring results links on the right side of the page), Barrenetxea IV caused problems for Uterga with the serve. Urriza is a front courter who is comfortable returning serves. Urriza is also one of the three best front courters on the roster. Barrenetxea IV is playing great Remonte. The final will be an intriguing and hopefully very competitive match. Barrenextea IV enters it with a 3-0 record in the tournament. Urriza is 2-0. Ion finished 1-2.

August 27, 2016:

1st Semi-final

Urriza defeated Uterga 30-20

Match article (Source: Oriamendi2010)

Selected linescore (winner always listed first)

2-5; 9-5; 10-8; 30-20

Uterga finishes the tournament 1-2.

Note: all the below listed matches, as well as all of the rest of the tournament have been and will continue to be covered individually in the Remonte Galarreta "Star" match results.

The 34th Tourneo Kutxabank singles competition at the Galarrata Fronton (Hernani), a 54 meter mur a gauche, entered its league phase on Saturday, August 13, 2016. The lead up to the league phase was played from July 23 - August 11. Four players have been seeded into the league phase in two groups. Urriza and Endika  are in Group A. Uterga and Barrenetxea IV are in Group B , Nine other players played for the third slot in each group.

The league phase of the tournament ended on August 20, due to a rib injury to Endika which forced him out of the tournament. There was no substitute. At the end of the league phase there were two semi-finals.


Table determination in the league phase:

Matches are played to 30 points.

Winner of a match--4 points
Loser: 27-29--2 points; 24-26--1 point; <24--0 points


August 13, 2016:

Group B

Barrenetxea IV defeated Uterga 30-21

August 16, 2016

Group B

Barrenetxea IV defeated Aizpuru III 30-14

August 18, 2016

Group A

Urriza defeated Ion 30-14

August 20, 2016

Group B

Uterga defeated Aizpuru III 30-14

Final League Table:

Group A

Urriza 1-0--4 points
Ion 0-1 (1-1)--0 points
Endika 0-0

Group B

Barrenextea IV 2-0--8 points
Uterga 1-1--4 points
Aizpuru III 0-2 (2-2)--0 points


Barrenextea IV v Ion (August 27)
Urriza v Uterga (September 3)

Final will be played September 10



Zaldua defeated Martirena 30-18 on July 23 (Martirena finished 0-1)
Otano defeated Erburu 30-19 on July 28 (Erburu finished 0-1)
Zaldua defeated Otano 30-12 on July 30 (Otano finished 1-1)

Segurola defeated Zaldua 30-28 on August 4 (Zaldua finished 2-1)
Ion defeated Segurola 30-20 on August 9 (Segurola finished 1-1)

Ion won the right to join Urriza and Endika in Group A

Aizpuru III defeated Ansa II 30-17 on August 6 (Ansa II finished 0-1)
Aizpuru III defeated Matxin III 30-29 on August 11 (Matxin III finished 0-1)

Aizpuru III won the right to join Uterga and Barrenetxea IV in Group B.