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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mano--GMGZ Events--III. San Nikolas (San Nicolas) Eskupilota Txapelketa

This is one of a sampling of some regional and special amateur competitions that are themselves a prelude to the national competitions that follow toward the end of this year and through the first half of next year. Link to EEPF and its regional links page or the GMGZ Events Facebook page for competitions in the South.

On October 1, 2016 GMGZ Events, along with other sponsors, brought the final and 3rd place match of this Mano tournament to San Nicolas. I was unable to find any matches in this tournament that were played before the final and third place match.

Source for match information and photos: GMGZ Events Facebook page. Match video: EITB

October 1, 2016:

Frontón Municipal de la Plaza San Nicolás de Algorta (Getxo)(1) (2)

Third place match:

Gordon-Etxebarria (Red) defeated Ugarte-Ziarrusta (Blue) 30-19.


Arabiourrutia-Aspuru (Blue) defeated Gonzalez-Uribe (Red) 30-14.

Match information and photos

Note that the Facebook page information has the correct finals winners but the wrong colors.

Full match video for both matches: 3rd place match: 0:00-40:37 on the video, final: 40:38-1:18:00

This was yet another example of the various forms that Basque Pelota modalities can take. This was a mur a gauche Mano match with a few twists and ornamentations. First, it was played on the same San Nicolas Arkupe that last June-July's San Nikolas (San Nicolas) Pala Txpelketa Finals were played on. The Arkupe is an alcove to what was originally a municipal building but is today a library. The match looks somewhat like Pasaka without a net but I have been informed that it is Mano and has no relationship to Pasaka. The pilota (called a goxua) is softer than a regulation mano pilota. The ceiling is in play as long as the ball hits the front wall. The floor is made of cobblestones, which introduce some of the complexities of ornamentation that are seen more in Main Nue than Mano. Judging the bounce off of cobblestone is a challenging task, as you will see. Neither match, unfortunately, was particularly competitive (although the third place match was close (20-18) at one point, so the game itself and venue are what is compelling about it. Note that Iker Gordon is also an accomplished amateur Pala player who partnered with Fusto in the 2016 Bizkaia Open.