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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mano--Abel Barriola announces his retirement after 19 years.

Abel Barriola, ASPE back courter, has announced his retirement from the game. He will retire at the conclusion of the Mano Parejas competition (which began December 2, 2016 and will end in April of 2017).

Barriola is one of 7 players in the history of Mano to win the triple crown (singles, doubles, and 4 1/2 Championships). Full match videos (EITB) are available for all of those victories.

4 1/2 Championship: 2001 Ogueta (Vitoria-Gasteiz): defeated Eugi 22-10.

Singles: 2002 Atano III (Donastia (San Sebastian)): defeated Beloki 22-3

Doubles Championship: 2014 Bizkaia (Bilbo (Bilbao)) Mtz. de Irujo-Barriola defeated  Olaizolla II-Aretxabaleta 22-13

He also participated in 8 other finals in those disciplines.

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