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Monday, September 19, 2016

Pala/Paleta--Final Summary of selected major summer tournaments South and North

Below you will find a summary of the winners of the major 2016 Pala and Paleta summer tournaments in the North and South Basque Country. (Sources: InnPala WebsiteInnPala Twitter feed, InnPala Fronton Facebook page, Euskadiko Euskal Pilota Federakuntza (EEPF), GMGZ Events Facebook PageFederation Francaise de Pelote Basque(FFPB), and Links to full match videos of final matches (when available) are provided for your convenience. ** next to the match means part or all of the competition was covered in this blog. Search by title of competition or title of the final, or click on the label "Pala" on the right side of the blog page to find relevant blog posts, which may contain other full match videos and articles.

Grosse Pala/Pala Larga


**Plentzia--Gaubeka-Brefel Note: Plentzia was played on a long (54 meter) court. I am assuming that this was a Pala Larga tournament, though I have no proof of that (see the below listed GMGZ tournament which, though played on the long court at Mungia, was a Pala Motza tournament). Corrections on either one or both of these assumptions will be gratefully accepted.

**FFPB "Grand Semaine" National "A": Batz-Brocas  (Soustons) (Source: PilotariP Youtube site via Note: make sure to click on "desactiver" under the match to turn off PFF's auto-refresh. The video will stop if you don't.

Pala Corta/Pala Motza

InnPala: * means amateur player.

**San Fermin (Iruna)--Sanz*-Ibargari

**Donastia Kirol Txartela Masters--Navarro*-Brefel (final begins at 52:02 on the video (Source: EITB)

**Asta Nagusia--Necol-Imanol (Bilbo) (Source: EITB)



**Basque Country City Championships (Herriarteko Txapelketa): Gastiez (Ordizia) (final begins at 42:42 on the video) (Source: EITB)

GMGZ Events

GMGZ "La Bolsa" Saria Kiniela: Beriain-Labiano (Mungia) (final begins at 1:18:22 on the video) (Source: EITB)

Paleta Cuir 


**Basque Country City Championships (Herriarteko Txapelketa): Gastiez (Ordizia) (Source: EITB)

**FFPB "Grand Semaine" National "A": Dardenne-Basterot

Paleta Pelote Gomme Pleine

**FFPB "Grand Semaine" National "A": Mensan-Bareyre

Paleta Pelote Gomme Creuse

**FFPB "Grand Semaine" National "A" Women: Etchelecu--Chapelet-Housset

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Xistera Kluba amateur competition circuit--Mutriku Tournament Finals

Note that all print articles on the Xistera Kluba website are completely bilingual. I have used Castilian links. Click on the top right side of the page to switch to Basque.

Euskal Herriko Xistera Kluben Kirol Kluba (Basque Country Xistera Sports Club) together with EEUP (Euskadiko Euskal Pilota Federakuntza) has recently started an amateur Jai Alai tournament circuit. The Club has three aims: to reintroduce the game to children, to strengthen the game at the club level, and to create a competition circuit to help encourage new and young fans to follow the game. The full mission statement is here.

The Mutriku tournament finals were played on September 17, 2016. Three finals were played, including a girls final. They were played in order of age and ability with the girls match being the first match. Use the match article (reading from the end of the article to the beginning) below to identify players and locate the beginning of each match.

Preview article (Source:

Match articles for all three matches (Source:

Full match videos of all three matches (Source: Youtube site)

Full match videos for all available Xistera Kluba Tourmaments so far this year (Source: Xistera Kluba Youtube site and EITB).

The next Xistera Kluba tournament is scheduled for September 24, 29, at Noain. See Xistera Kluba Calendario for details on future tournaments.

See the Xistera Kluba home page above or USstream page for details on notification of live streaming. Live and on demand streaming is available for finals only at this tme.