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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Remonte--Final Summary of selected major spring and summer tournaments

Below you will find a summary of the winners of the major 2016 Remonte late spring and summer tournaments in the South Basque Country. (Sources: Oriamendi2010 and Euskal Jai Berri Erremonte Fundazioa/La Fundacion Remonte Euskal Jai Berri,) Links to full match videos of final matches (when available) are provided for your convenience. ** next to the match means part or all of the competition was covered in this blog. Search by title of competition or title of the final, or click on the label "Remonte" on the right side of the blog page to find relevant blog posts, which may contain other full match videos and articles.

II Torneo de Pelota San Isidro 2016: Urriza-Ion (Madrid)

**Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundiaren 2016ko Saria-VII Erremonte Kopa: Uterga-Aizpuru III (Zumarraga) (Match begins at 1:06:30 on the video). (Source: EITB)

**Tourneo de San Fermin: Urriza-Etxeberria III (Huarte). (Source: EITB)

** Tourneo Kutxabank: Urriza (Hernani) (Source: EITB via Oriamendi2010)

** XI Torneo Comunidad Foral de Navarra de Remonte-Gran Premio Magna 2016: Endika-Ion (Zubiri )

Remonte--XI Torneo Comunidad Foral de Navarra de Remonte-Gran Premio Magna 2016

This short court competition, organized by Euskal Jai Berri Erremonte Fundazioa/La Fundacion Remonte Euskal Jai Berri, was played from July 23 to September 25, 2016. The venues, with the exception of one match at Labrit Fronton, (Pamplona (Iruna)), were towns and villages in Navarra (populations given below and in the complete rundown for the tournament--see the link below--next to town or village name). The competition consisted of two tournaments, both made up of players from the Oriamendi2010 roster. The players were split into two four team divisions. The A Tournament consisted of a single round robin league phase. The second and third place team played in a semi-final. The winner played the first place team in the final. The B Tournament consisted of two semi-finals and a final.

Sources for all match scores, articles, and tables: Euskal Jai Berri and Oriamendi2010 unless otherwise specifically stated. I used Oriemendi2010 because it maintained current tables for the A Tournament league phase.

A Tournament league phase final

Uterga-Etxeberria III....2-1
Ezkurra II-Barrenetxea IV....1-2
Urriza-Aizpuru III....0-3

Note that Endika, a back courter, played this entire tournament in the front court.

In addition to the players listed, Ansa II, Segurola, Zubiri, and Garces played as substitutes.

B Tournament:

Goikoetxea V-Asproz

In addition to the players listed, Rodriguez and Labaka played as substitutes.

September 25, 2016 at Zubiri (1)(2) (435)

A Tournament final

Endika-Ion defeated Uterga-Etxeberria III 35-25

The experiment with Endika in the front court worked from beginning to end as E-I were undefeated in the tournament with four wins. The match article praises Endika's performance. He is known as a shot maker in the back court and this was transferred to the front court for this tournament. He executed several types of shots that yielded points for his team. Ion played excellent Remonte in the back court. The result was a surprisingly easy victory over last year's champions.

Correction:  The match article noted Endika's great play in the front court in the Navarra Tournament. This indicated my ignorance about Endika's career. In researching the history of the Sagardoaren Txapelketa for the 2017 edition I discovered that Endika had played in the inaugural final (2011) in the front court. Some research in the Oriamendi2010 database showed that records of Endika's matches (going as far back as April 29, 2010) had him in the front court from April of 2010 until October 3, 2013. So his being in the front court in the Navarra tournament was no "experiment." (Added March 3, 2017).

B Tournament final:

Goikoetxea V-Azpiroz defeated Eburu-Otano 35-32

Match articles for both matches (Euskal Jai Berri)

September 23, 2016 at Fronton Toki Alai, Huarte (Uharte) (6776)

A Tournament semi-final

Uterga-Etxeberria III defeated Ezkurra II-Barrenetxea IV 30-23

Selected linescore (winners always listed first)

19-8; 20-15; 24-18; 30-23

Match article (Euskal Jai Berri)

E-B started tentatively and the vastly experienced U-E took advantage for a big lead. E-B played hard during a 7-1 run that got them back in the game, but they never were able to overcome their poor start.

MY ARTICLE--The tournament from start to finish.