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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Xistera Kluba Amateur "Final of Finals"

Note that all print articles on the Xistera Kluba website are completely bilingual. I have used Castilian links. Click on the top right side of the page to switch to Basque.

Euskal Herriko Xistera Kluben Kirol Kluba (Basque Country Xistera Sports Club) together with EEUP (Euskadiko Euskal Pilota Federakuntza) has recently started an amateur Jai Alai tournament circuit. The Club has three aims: to reintroduce the game to children, to strengthen the game at the club level, and to create a competition circuit to help encourage new and young fans to follow the game. The full mission statement is here.

The final Xistera Kluba tournament ("final of finals") of the year was played on December 17, 2016, at Markina-Xemein. (1)(2). Three matches were played, including a girls quiniela match that featured 6 teams.

Match articles for all three matches (Source: Xistera Kluba)

Full match video for all three matches (Source: Xistera Kluba Youtube page)

Use the match article (reading from the end of the article to the beginning) below to identify players and locate the beginning of each match.

See Xistera Kluba Calendario for details on future tournaments.

See the Xistera Kluba home page above or USstream page for details on notification of live streaming. Live and on demand streaming is available for finals only at this time.

Previous Xistera Kluba full match videos (this link will lead to the latest (Tolosa) final which will link back to the other finals. (Source: Xistera Kluba Youtube and EITB).

XK promotional video

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Cesta de Nadau

The 7th Cesta de Nadau was played at Pau (1)(2) December 9 and 16, 2016

Match previews and articles for all matches:

Source: Section Paloise Pelota Basque (Raymond Cazadebat)

December 16, 2016


Olharan-Portet defeated Hormaetxea-Enbil 2-1 (12-15, 15-13, 5-3)

2016 Full Match video (Canal+ via Audiense Audiovisuel Youtube site) (Added Dec. 23, 2016).

2015 Final Full Match Video  (Canal+ via Audiense Audiovisuel Youtube site) (Olharan-Itoiz defeated Egiguren-L. Alliez 2-0 (15-11, 15-14, December 18, 2015) (Added Dec. 23, 2016).

Dec. 9, 2016


Hormaetxea-Enbil defeated Goikoetxea-Erkiaga 2-1 (10-15, 15-14, 5-3)

Olharan-Portet defeated Egiguren-Alliez 2-0 (15-13, 15-12)

Condensed match videos (many but not all points) for all three matches, as well as a unique introduction of the players in the final (Source: Tout sur la Pelote Basque Youtube page--Olivier Simon)

See videos labeled "Cesta de Nadau 2016". Note that these videos are not commercial TV quality videos, but give a good impressionistic flavor of the matches. Note especially the video for the final, which was filmed from the front rather than the back and/or side. Watch the ball closely and you'll see with great clarity just how fast it moves in this sport.

Main Nue--Le Trophee Esku Pilota

Le Trophee Esku Pilota, a tournament dedicated to the memory of Jean-Marie Mailharro was played on November 25, December 9, and December 16, 2016.

* not listed in Esku Pilota player pages at present

December 16, 2016


Trinquete Moderne, Bayonne (Baiona) (1)(2): Aguirre-Amulet defeated Elgart-Lucu* 40-26

Selected line score (winners always listed first)

4-10; 10-20; 23-23; 30-24; 40-26

Match article with link to full match video

A hand injury suffered by Lucu, along with vastly improved play by Amulet in the second half of the match, turned this final around. A-A, down by 10 points half-way through the match, outscored E-L 30-6 from that point to win easily.

Full match video (Esku Pilota Youtube site)

Semi-final score source: Esku Pilota results). Scroll to dates and match names.

November 25, 2016

First semi-final:

Beguios (1)(2): Elgart-Lucu* defeated Inchauspe-Benesse* 40-29

December 9, 2016
Second semi-final

Trinquet Xilar, Souraide (1)(2): Aguirre-Amulet defeated Olcomendy*-Lazcano 40-34