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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Euskadiko Euskal Pilota Federakuntza (EEPF) Club competitions begin

Euskadiko Euskal Pilota Federakuntza (EEPF) has announced the beginning of its 2017 Club competitions. Club competitions began January 12, 2017 and will end for most competitions on March 12. Competitions will be at the cadete, juvenil, sub-22, and senior level in the modalities of mano singles and doubles, paleta goma men's and women's, paleta cuero, pala corta, frontenis, and cesta punta. Women's paleta goma (juvenil and senior) semi-finals will be held January 21, with finals to be held January 28.

EEPF Announcement (with attached schedule files in Microsoft Excel format)

To follow results of individual competitions: Click on "CPTO. DE EH. DE CLUBES". A drop down menu of each of the individual competitions will appear. Click on any of them to open that competition. Click on "Calendario" for the schedule and "Calendario de Resultados" for results. All competitions (except the paleta goma listed above) will begin with league phases, followed by playoffs and finals. Calendarios are available in HTML and Microsoft Excel formats. It is unknown at this time if any of these competitions will have match videos on EITB or elsewhere. If playoff phases are televised, they will be linked to in the blog.