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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Main Nue--FFPB Championnat de France Elite Pro Individuel--Results of January 9, 2017

The Main Nue Individuel Elite Pro Championnat de France A and B competition is sponsored by the  Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque (FFPB). The competition began on December 23, 2016 and will end on February 20, 2017. You can follow its progress here. also provides A and B coverage. The tournament is a seeded ladder tournament.

* not listed on the Esku Pilota player pages at this time.

The A group consists of Antton Amulet, Philippe Bielle, Bixintxo Bilbao, Pascal de Ezcurra, Baptiste Ducassou, Peio Guichandut, Ximun Lambert, Peio Larralde, Matheiu Ospital, and Agusti Waltary. The seeds, from low to high are: Amulet and Ospital (1/8), Bilbao and Waltary (Quarter-finals), and Larralde and Ducassou ("Liguilla").

The B group consists of Gregory Aguirre, Jean-Philippe Benesse*, Mickael Darmendrail, Vincent Elgart, Julien Etchegaray, Alexis Inchauspe, Laurent Lambert, Cedric Lucu, Alain Migueltorena, Antton Monce, Mattin Olcomendy*, and Mickael Palomes. The seeds, from low to high are: Darmendrail and L. Lambert (1/8), Palomes and Inchauspe (Quarter-finals), and Elgart and Monce ("Liguilla").

The "Liguilla" phase is a round robin among the top 4 finishers (two who win their way in and two who are seeded in) which will determine the finalists.

Article describing the competition (Esku Pilota)

December 23 2016-January 2, 2017 matches; January 6, 2017 matches

January 9, 2017

Preview article for both matches (Pilota Ttiki) 

Le Garat, St. Jean-Pied-de-Port (1) (2)

B5. Benesse* defeated Darmendrail via a forfeit. Darmendrail is recovering from cyst surgery and has dropped out of the tournament.

In place of that match, as a "lever de rideau" (curtain raiser) for the A4 match, Elgart (seeded into the "Liguilla" phase of the B tournament) played against Benesse instead.

Elgart defeated Benesse* 40-36 or 40-35. (Note: the Garat "lundi" page has the score of this match 40-36. Pilota Ttiki and Esku Pilota have it 40-35). This is the second consecutive week that separate sources have different scores for the same match. Benesse's next match will be a quarter final match against Palomes on Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Garat.

A4. Ospital defeated de Ezcurra 40-33

Match article for both matches (Pilota Ttiki)

Match article, along with match statistics (source: H. Ocafrain via Excel spreadsheet created by Esku Pilota), and an audio interview with Ospital. (Esku Pilota).  Note that de Ezcurra's + adds to 28 (which is not listed in the spreadsheet or in the original Ocafrain table at the Garat "lundi" page).

This was a difficult match for Ospital. According to the match article he was playing with a sore heel which he bandaged. The bandage bothered him and he fell behind 8-2. According to Ospital:

"J’avais un petit souci au talon depuis le Super Prestige et j’ai joué en début de partie avec la cheville bandée et ce n’est pas du tout les mêmes appuis. Je n’étais pas du tout précis. Sur le coup de 20 j’ai enlevé le strap et après j’ai trouvé un petit plus de précision dans mon jeu"

loosely translated by Google:

"I had a little worry in the heel since the Super Prestige and I played at the beginning of the game with the ankle bandaged and it is not at all the same supports. I was not at all accurate. On the stroke of 20 I removed the strap and then I found a little more precision in my game."

Ospital was struggling at: 2-8; 9-11; 14-16; and 19-21. After the bandage came off the score went to 27-23; 32-28; and 39-31.He next faces Waltary at the Garat on January 16.

In other news, Bilbao's match v Guichandut, originally scheduled for Villefranque on January 14, has been postponed due to Bilbao being ill with influenza. That match has been re-scheduled for January 21 at the same venue. To replace match of the 14th  a "lever de rideau" B match between Monce and Elgart (both seeded in at the Liguilla level), will precede the B6 match of Etchegaray v L. Lambert.

For cumulative records of Main Nue elite professionals see the "Cumulative records of EP players" on the recurring results page on the right side of the blog. 

Mano--Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas--Week 6

Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas, the premier doubles competition of the 2016-2017 Mano season, began December 2, 2016. 8 teams compete for the title. The first (league) phase is a double round robin (14 matches). The top 4 finishers will then face off in a single round robin (3 matches). The two winners will play in a final on April 9, 2017.

Asegarce Competition Page

Asegarce League phase table

ASPE League phase table

Wikipedia Competition Page (Castilian)

Full ongoing league phase table (with total points and differential):

Source for all match articles, unless otherwise specifically stated, is will also keep an ongoing phase table at its main Parejas site and with every match article.

Match linescores will be provided from match articles when available. Full match linescores can be found at Twitter feed.  Track back to the date and match and follow from beginning to end. The feed is also available at the Main site of while the matches are in progress.

Source for all highlights and full match videos, unless otherwise specifically stated, is EITB.

Week 1Week 2Week 3; Week 4; Week 5

Week 6

January 5, 2017

Brief video recap of the week

At the end of the 6th round, 5 teams are tied for 2nd place with 3 wins and 3 losses. The tie breaker is point differential, which is listed in every linked table. 

A. Beotibar, Tolosa (1)(2): Irribaria-Rezusta defeated Victor (substituting for Artola)-Albisu 22-13.

Match article with statistics and linescore

The first half of the match was equal, with each team taking and then losing substantial leads. I-R owned the second half 11-2. Irribaria outscored the other three players combined.  I-R 6-0 (+6) A-A 3-3 (-2)

Match highlights

Match highlights ( Youtube) 11 selected points.

January 6, 2017

B. Astelena, Eibar (1)(2): Elezkano II-Zabaleta  defeated Urrutikoetxea-Imaz  22-16.

Match article with statistics and linescore

The lead changed hands 4 times in this match. The last 2 (7-11--12-11 and 12-13--18-13) were decisive. Urrutikoetxea did all the scoring (+10, but also 5 errors) for his team. Imaz' score was +0 -0 E-Z 3-3 (+1) U-I 1-5(-3)

In a late news update, Danel Elezkano will be replaced by Erik Jaka for E-Z's round 7 match v Ezkurdia-Merino II. Elezkano has an ankle ligament injury.  He twisted the ankle late in this match, but returned to finish it after treatment. At this time Elizkano's return date is unknown.

Elizkano injury article (Diario Vasco)

Match highlights

Full Match video ( Scroll to "Eibar-Astelena - 06/01/2017". Elezkano's injury occurs in the 21-16 point. Point begins at 1:01:31. Injury occurs at 1:01:58. Point ends at 1:02:02 on the video.

January 7, 2017

C. Labrit, Iruna (Pamplona) (1) (2): Altuna III-Barriola defeated Bengoetxea VI-Larunbe 22-12.

Match article with statistics and linescore

For the second week in a row, A-B came back from a big deficit to win. This time, B-L got off to a quick 8-2 lead.Then A-B struck back with a 14-0 run that sealed the outcome. Altuna III again had a big match, scoring around 70% of his team's points. A-B have won each of the three matches they have played together. They have lost the three where one or both of them did not play.  A-B 3-3 (+2) B-L 2-4 (-1).

Match highlights

Full match video (match begins at 1:05:34 on the video).

January 8, 2017 

D. Politiportivo La Juventud, Soria (1)(2): Ezkurdia-Merino II defeated Victor (substituting for Olaizola II)-Untoria 22-12

Match article with statistics and linescore

Explanation of Olaizola II's absence (Diario Vasco)

Olaizola II missed this match due to illness. He was replaced by Victor, playing his second match (both as a substitute) in 4 days. E-M broke open the match with a 6-0 run in the second half. E-M 3-3 (+1) O-U 3-3 (-1)

Match highlights

Full match video  (match begins at 1:07:47 on the video).