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Friday, January 13, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Pablo Ibarren Defense Benefit Match and Vintage Documentary Film

1. January 7, 2017--Zumaia (1)(2)(3) Goikoetxea-Inza defeated Egiguren-Enbil 2-0 (15-10, 15-11).

Match article (Jai Alai News Facebook page--English translation may be available)

This was a benefit match for the defense of Pablo Ibarren.

2. Cesta Punta--Rekalde v Irastorza, a documentary film produced by Arte France and Ethan Productions, directed by Jacques Mitch, 2005, 50 minutes 43 seconds (French). This 11 year old documentary has recently been uploaded to Youtube by the director. It is an excellent account of modern day Jai Alai, which uses a championship partido match (Rekalde-Goitia v Jabi-Irastorza) as the pivot around which it documents biographies of the two title figures. There is much to see here describing US quiniela Jai Alai at the time, along with other aspects of the sport. The language is French, but in Jai Alai pictures are worth a thousand words and the themes of the film are easy to pick up without any language proficiency. Note that in the championship match, selected ball speeds were available for Irastorza. Top speed was 208 km/hour (129 mph). 11 years later, in last summer's Internationaux Cesta Punta SLAM final, father time (40 years old) was catching up with him. The fastest throw I saw clocked for him in that match was a mere 196 km/hr (122mph).