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Monday, February 6, 2017

Mano--Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas--Week 10

Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas, the premier doubles competition of the 2016-2017 Mano season, began December 2, 2016. 8 teams compete for the title. The first (league) phase is a double round robin (14 matches). The top 4 finishers will then face off in a single round robin (3 matches). The two winners will play in a final on April 9, 2017.

Asegarce Competition Page

Asegarce League phase table

ASPE League phase table

Wikipedia Competition Page (Castilian)

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Week 10

February 3, 2017

A. Atano III, Donostia (San Sebastian) (1)(2): Irribarria-Rezusta defeated Ezkurdia-Merino II 22-18

Match article with statistics and linescore

A. Two shutout runs by I-R (the first, a 7 point run that broke a 7-7 tie, the second, a 4 point run at 14-10) gave them enough to hold off a late E-M comeback 4 point shutout run of their own (21-14--21-18). The win guaranteed I-R a winning record in the Quarter-final League and all but punched their ticket to the Semi-final League. The individual +/- (according to showed Irribarria with a 2 point advantage over Ezkurdia and Rezusta with the same advantage over Merino II. This was the third consecutive close and hard fought defeat for E-M and dropped them to the lower half of the table.

 I-R 8-2 +47 (+1)  E-M 4-6 +3 (-3)

Match highlights

Full match video (EITB) (Basque) (match begins at 1 hour, 10 minutes, 45 seconds on the video).

Full match video ( (Castilian) Scroll to "San Sebastián - 03/02/2017"
(Added February 10, 2017).

February 4, 2017

B. Igarondo, Idiazabal (1) (2): Victor (substituting for Artola)-Albisu defeated Altuna III-Barriola 22-8

Two teams going in opposite directions continued on their paths as V-A easily defeated A-B. Runs of 6-1, 8-0, and 5-0  at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the match allowed them to cruise to victory. Victor continues to improve his game. Always a threat to be a big scorer,  he has been whittling away the errors in his game. The result is a much better +/- ratio. In this match, according to, that ratio was +11 (+14 -3). Those types of ratios will help his team continue to improve. They moved into 2nd place in the table with this win. In theory, A-B are still only 1 win out of a playoff spot, but in reality their point differential (which has lost 24 points in the last two matches), makes their road much more difficult to travel.

A-A 6-4 +8 (+3) A-B 4-6- -50 (-3)

Match highlights (highlights for this match from 0:36-end of the video)

Match highlights ( Youtube) (parts or all of 10 points)

There was no full match video for this match.

C.  Labrit, Iruna (Pamplona) (1) (2): Bengoetxea VI-Larunbe defeated Urrutikoetxea-Imaz 22-9

One of the indications of how much B-L dominated this match was that U-I were limited to +2, according to (both winners by Urrutikoetxea). A 6-0 run at the beginning (3-2--9-2) and another one at the end (16-9--22-9) led to an easy victory. Imaz' 8 errors didn't help his team's cause. The win moved B-L closer to a place in the Semi-final League. U-I were mathematically eliminated from 1st place in the Quarter-final League and are now 2 wins from a semi-final league place with 4 matches to play. Their poor point differential means they must "run the table" with dominating wins, and have a lot of other matches go their way in order to get there.

B-L 5-5- -1 (+2) U-I 3-7- -36 (-2)

Match highlights (highlights for this match from 0;00-0:35) on the video)

Full match video (match begins at 1:03:45 on the video)

February 5, 2017

D.  Bizkaia, Bilbo (Bilbao) (1)(2):Olaizola II-Untoria defeated  Elezkano II-Zabaleta 22-15

Match article with statistics and linescore

O-U controlled the match from beginning to end. Only a belated rally by E-Z made the final score look closer than the match was. O-U led 8-3, 12-6, and 19-9. Olaizola II had a vintage match (1 dejada, 1 two wall, and 5 cross court winners are featured in the match highlights below). Untoria, who was shredded by the bombs of Irribarria and Rezusta two weeks ago, has been much improved since then. This victory got O-U back to the .500 mark for the first time in 4 weeks. They also moved into a the last Semi-final League playoff spot. Their position is tenuous now, but they are "trending up."

O-U 5-5- +1 (+2)  E-Z 5-5 +28 (-1)

Match highlights

Full match video (match begins at 1:00:12 on the video)

Pala--Mundial Individual--Semi-finals--February 3, 2017

Mundial Individual 2017, the premier InnPala singles tournament, began January 14, 2017. It is a single elimination, seeded ladder tournament that involves the entire InnPala roster. The short court tournament will be played Bizkaia Fronton, Bilbo (Bilbao) (1)(2). Two matches will be played every weekend. Seeding, from low to high: Brefel and Imanol; Ibai-Perez and Ibargarai (quarter finals); Fusto and Gaubeka (semi-finals). For more on the tournament see the tournament page at InnPala. The final will be played February 10.

Preview article (

Preview article (Naiz)

The articles note that Fusto is the favorite, seeded in at the semi-final level, having won all 5 of the finals played at Bizkaia (2012-16). He also won in 2009. If he wins this tournament, he will equal Oscar Insausti's record of 7 singles championships. The articles also note that Esteban Gaubeka, last year's runner up, is suffering from shoulder tendinitis, but hopes to be ready to play his first match (seeded in at the semi-final level) on February 4.

Play in Round--January 14, 2014

Second Round--January 21, 2017

Quarter-final Round--January 27, 2017

Semi-final Round--February 3, 2017

Joko (set) score sources: Innpala Twitter feed (track back to date), Innpala Fronton Facebook page, and Deia.

1. Ibargarai defeated Gaubeka 3-1 (6-10, 10-6, 10-6, 10-5 or 10-9) (36-27 or 36-31). Note: a post to Innpala Fronton Facebook by Gaubeka said he lost the final joko 10-9, rather than the 10-5 published at InnPala twitter feed. The Deia article listed the final joko score as 10-5.

2. Ibai-Perez defeated Fusto 3-0 (10-8, 10-7, 10-6) (30-21)

Match article for both matches (Deia)

Match article for both matches, along with 9 photos (InnPala Fronton Facebook page)

At the time this was posted, there was no available "on demand" match video of these matches. If video becomes available I will link to it and add a listing ror it in the "update to published posts" on the right side of the blog

Instead, for now, it might be interesting (though of course in no way predictive) to watch a replay of last year's (2016) Ibargarai-Ibai Perez match (source: EITB), which was for 3rd place in this tournament (see below for more information). The match begins at 1 hour and 8 minutes on the video.

What happened at Bizkaia on Friday night earthquake...a changing of the guard..., not what most people expected. Both seeded semi-finalists, who had played against each other in last year's final, were defeated decisively. For the first time (at Bizkaia, at any rate), the final of this competition will be played by back court players.

Gaubeka, returning from a shoulder injury, won the first joko, but then Ibargarai took command, although the final joko score is in some doubt for those of us who didn't see it.

The brief InnPala website artcle about the Ibai-Perez Fusto match said:

"Gran sorpresa la acontecida en el fronton Bizkaia en la segunda de las semifinales del individual de pala, el zaguero de Sestao gano por 0-3 al pentacampeona de la modalidad, la principal arma de Ibai fue el saque con el que hizo muchísimo daño. Pablo pese a jugar un buen partido se vio superado por un adversario al que le salía todo y que supo sufrir mucho para llevarse el encuentro."

Loosely (Google) translated:

"A big surprise happened in the Biscay fronton in the second of the semifinals of the World Individual Championship. The defender of Sestao won by 0-3 to the 5 time champion of the modality.  The main weapon of Ibai was the service with which he did a lot of damage. Pablo, despite playing a good game was surpassed by an opponent who went all out and knew how to suffer a lot to get the match."

Ibai-Perez and Ibargarai will meet in the final on February 10. Fusto will play Gaubecka for 3rd place. A point of interest. These are the same 4 pelotaris who played in last year's final and semi-final. The prize they are playing for has reversed. Last year's semi final was won by Ibargarai 3-1 (6-10, 10-4, 10-5, 10-5) (36-24).


Table of wins and losses for the 2016-2017 season.

Key: Player; Position (d=delantero (front court), z=zaguero (back court)); match wins-losses; joko (set) wins-losses; winning-losing streak; championships won. Matches that are single partidos will be noted. Table will be according to match winning percentage. 1st tie breaker will be number of wins. 2nd tie breaker will be joko win-loss differential. We begin the season with  La Liga Kutxabank, starting October 29, 2016.

February 3, 2017

Gaubeka(d)..7-3.....25-18...-1*....1(La Liga)

Ibai-Perez(z)..9-3....31-19..+3*....1(La Liga)

Includes Dec. 30, 2016 independent match: Landeta-Imanol defeated Zuberi--Ibai-Perez 3-1 (10-8, 7-10, 10-9, 10-7) at Bizkaia.

*Does not include the result of Nov.25, 2016 independent match Gaubeka--Ibai-Perez v Zubiri-Imanol. The result is unknown at this time. I will add it when I find it.

Includes Nov. 19, 2016 independent match: Zuberi-Ibargari defeated Necol-Gordon 3-0 (10-8, 10-3, 10-9) at Bizkaia.

 For cumulative accounting of this player table see the InnPala Player win-loss table under the Pala page on the right side of the blog.