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Monday, February 20, 2017

Paleta Pelote de Gomme Pleine (Trinquet)--FFPB Championat de France National A and B Finals and Semi-Finals

The Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque (FFPB) completed its men's Paleta Pelote de Gomme Pleine Trinquet Championnat de France finals in 4 classifications on February 18, 2017 at Pau (1)(2). There is excellent match video (extensive highlights and, for the National A final, full match video) available. Watching a full match video of this fast moving sport is highly entertaining and educational. For those who aren't familiar with this modality, FFPB provides a quick introduction to the tools and pelota here.  It is played with a small solid rubber ball. While this isn't a crash helmet sport, the ball moves with great speed. Watching it being played on a trinquet court is somewhat like watching a human pin ball machine. It combines speed, power, and finesse into long, fascinating points. When played at this level, it is quite compelling.

National A: competition page.


February 18, 2017

Luzean (Saint Jean de Luz) (Ramuntcho Amestoy-Stéphane Suzanne--red).defeated Section Paloise (Pau) (Olivier Laberdesque-Baptiste Hourçourigaray--white) 40-37.

Match article  (for this match and the other three finals)(Source: FFPB)

Condensed linescore (winners always listed first)

1-0; 1-3; 2-3; 2-5; 3-5; 3-11; 5-11; 5-12; 8-12; 8-13; 12-13; 12-15; 13-15; 13-16; 15-16; 15-23; 16-23; 16-27; 17-27; 17-28; 21-28; 21-29; 26-29; 26-31; 29-31; 29-32; 30-32; 30-33; 31-33; 31-34; 35-34; 35-35;  36-35; 36-37; 40-37


1-1; 34-34; 35-35; 36-36; 37-37


3-7; 8-12; 14-16; 16-24; 21-29; 29-31; 35-35

Lead changes: 4 (3 after 34-34)

Scoring. Note the scoring is based on my subjective judgment. You may see it differently. Let this be a point of departure. Rules I follow: 1. Any serve that is not returned is credited as a service ace. 2. Errors are charged on the basis of whether a reasonable effort would have kept the point going. Errors of aggression are treated the same as errors of execution.  I rely heavily on crowd reaction and player body language, as well as the above rules. In the case of a close call, my bias is for winners rather than errors. On close calls, winners make two players happy. Errors make two players angry.

Amestoy +19  (including 3 service aces) -5; Suzanne +12 -3
Laberdesque +22 (including 2 service aces) -6; Hourçourigaray +7 -3

Balls in play: 1107

Number of balls in play/Number of points


Source for all match video: Toute sur la Pelote Basque Facebook and/or Youtube site via If you watch the video via PFF, make sure to "desactiver" PFF's auto refresh function or the video will stop.

Full match video and selected match video.

This was a classic youth-power v experience-finesse match. A-S have played in the last 5 consecutive CDF National A finals in this modality (Source: FFPB competitions-resultats and, This was their 4th win in that span. They were on the back foot for much of the match, after leading 1-0. They trailed 3-11 early on in the match. Their largest deficit was 16-27 and 17-28. Laberdesque dominated the match early. But A-S never panicked, never screamed in frustration or tossed a paleta. They played with cool intellect and very slowly worked their way back into the match. Both players seemed always to be in the right spot at the right time. Their shot making ability (Amestoy's deadly accuracy in front and Suzanne's long range right wall shots) and great Suzanne defense began to take their toll. After their long uphill battle to equality and then a 36-35 lead, they again fell behind 36-37. What followed was classic clutch play. Beautiful winners by Suzanne, Amestoy, Suzanne, and Amestoy closed out yet another CDF for S-A. L-H played extremely well also. Only in the 7th decade, by my scoring, did they slightly crack under the pressure, with 3 errors. In the end it was the experience, intelligence, calmness under pressure, and execution of the champions that made the difference.

MY ARTICLE: Luzean (Saint Jean de Luz) v Section Paloise (Pau): enhanced point by point linescore.


February 11, 2017

1. Luzean (Saint Jean de Luz) (Ramuntcho Amestoy-Stéphane Suzanne--black) defeated Societe Nautique (Bayonne) (Bruno Gordachar-Stephane Hardoy--green) 40-29

 Selected match video

2. Section Paloise (Pau) (Olivier Laberdesque-Baptiste Hourçourigaray--white) defeated  C.A. Begelais (Begles) (Pierre Laxalde-Patxi Guillenteguy--blue) 40-28.

Selected match video

National B: competition page.


February 18, 2017

Uhaldean (Bardos) (Jean Abad-Benat Abad--white) defeated Billere Pilotari Club (Billere) (Grégory Oncins-Patrick Inchaurraga--blue) 40-31.

A 16-5 (or 16-6--FFPP resultats had the score 40-31 but the match article said 40-32) run at the end of the match gave the victory to A-A, Their direct point making (filet shots) along with the athletic ability of Benat Abad were crucial to the victory.

Selected match video


February 11, 2017

1. Uhaldean (Bardos) (Jean Abad-Benat Abad--blue) defeated U.S. Tyrossaise (Saint Vincent de Tyrosse) (Kevin Hiton-Thomas Etchebarne--white) 40-38.

Selected match video

2. Billere Pilotari Club (Billere) (Grégory Oncins-Patrick Inchaurraga--blue) defeated Section Paloise 3 (Pau) (Benoit Ponthieu-Alexandre Lolibe--white) 40-27.

Selected match video

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