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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remonte--Sagardoaren Txapelketa/El Torneo de la Cidra/Cider Tournament begins

Preview article (Oriamendi 2010)

Preview article (Kronika) (Basque)

The  Sagardoaren Txapelketa VII, which features 8 Oriamendi 2010 roster pairs (10 players from the A Group and 6 from the B Group), began on March 2. The tournament will be contested in two 4 team groups (A and B). Each team corresponds to a cider house sponsor.

Note that the letters next to the team correspond to their Oriamendi group, not their Sagardoaren group.

Petritegi (Otagi-Ion) (B-A),
Larre-Gain (Urriza-Azpiroz) (A-B)
Gurutzeta (Etxeberria IV-Etxeberria III) (A-A)
Oialume Zar (Ezkurra II-Barrenetxea IV) (B-A)
Bereziartua (Zeberio II-Agirrezabala) (A-A)
Altzueta (Ezkurra-Aizpuru III) (A-B)
GaztaƱaga (Uterga-Larranaga) (A-B)
Setien (Ansa II-Endika) (B-A)

The tournament will consist of a League phase, a single round robin in each group. That will be followed by a playoff phase involving all teams. It will be a seeded knock-out playoff. The winner of each League group will be seeded into the semi-final. The 2nd place team will be seeded into the quarter-final. The 3rd and 4th place teams will play off across groups for a 2nd quarter-final place. The winner of the quarter-final will play the winner of the League phase in the semi-final. The two semi-final winners will play in the final on April 29, 2017.

Scoring for the League phase will be as follows.

Match winner (40 point matches): 4pts.
36-39: 2pts.
32-35: 1pt
0-31: 0pts.

Previous winners (Source: Oriamendi 2010 Emaitzak/Resultados database)

2011--Juaristi-Olazar 40 Endika-Urrutia I 36
2012--Onatz-San Miguel 40 Juaristi-Olazar 31
2013--Matxin III-Etxeberria III 40 Jauristi-Agirrezabala 33
2014--Etxeberria IV-Ion 40 Matxin III-Etxeberria III 34
2015--Zeberio II-Endika 40 Uterga-Olazar 27 (Full match video--EITB)
2016--Segurola-Endika 40 Uterga-Aizpuru III 38 (Full match video--EITB)

Endika is the only player to have won 2 STs. Juaristi, Olazar, and Endika have played in 3 finals. Matxin III, Etxteberria III, and Uterga have played in 2 finals.

The tournament will be selectively covered in the main blog, whenever there are full match videos available. It will be comprehensively covered in the Galarreta "STAR" matches recurring page on the right side of the blog.  ST coverage will be at the top of that page, above the normal Thursday-Saturday session coverage.