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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Fronton Mexico Opening Night "Estelar" Match, and an Interesting article on the Fronton

1. Fronton Mexico held its first session Tuesday, March 14, 2017. The first Star match, which was scheduled to be Salla-Etxeto v Tambourindeguy-Inza, was instead a match between Tambourindeguy-Inza and Christophe-Irastorza.

Star Match: Christophe-Irastorza defeated Tambourindeguy-Inza 30-22

In other matches

1. Gonzalo-Dosal defeated Ortega-Etchenique 30-23
3. Laduche-Businello v Aaron-Hirigoyen (unknown at this time).

Match article for both matches (

Match videos for the Star Match

Full match video (Source: Txabi Inza Facebook Page)

Can also be accessed from Jai Alai News Facebook Page

Match video (final 18 minutes 20 seconds) (Source: MX Frontour Facebook page).

Roster (Fronton Mexico)

Roster (Jai Alai Facebook Page via this blog)

2. An interesting article appeared in the Mar. 12, 2017 issue of Excelsior.
Diez datos que debes conocer sobre Frontón México (10 Facts You Should Know About Fronton Mexico). The article is accompanied (at the bottom of the page) by a 3 minute 51 second Excelsior video on the topic. The video is in Spanish.