This is a current awareness blog that links to the latest sources of information on Basque Pelota matches and Tournaments. It covers both North and South Basque modalities: Mano, Main Nue, Pala, Paleta, Remonte, Cesta Punta, Jai Alai, and minor modalites. We link to match articles, statistics and video highlights and/or full match videos.

Basics--Modalities, Court sizes, implement sizes, ball sizes, etc

For those who are unclear about this, the best references for what modalities are played on what courts, with what, if any, implements and their dimensions, along with the different pilota sizes and weights, are the Federation Francais de Pelote Basque topical pages:


Different types of playing areas. Note: click on "En savoir" to get details for each type of playing area.

Fronton (pelote Basque): See this wikiwand  for more, with links to many photos of each type of playing area

Different Modalities of the game: Again, click on "En savoir" to get details about the implements and pilota sizes and weights.

This reference does not cover Pala Larga specifications. Those can be found here.

Remonte is a special modality played mostly in the northern part of the South Basque. It is played on both short and long courts. For more on the modality, it's implement and pilota, and history see:

Wikipedia remonte article


Oriamendi2010 History of Remonte