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Monday, July 11, 2016

Mano--End of 2015-16 season player records

With the end of the Buruz Buruko Txapelketa the 2015-16 (October 2015-May 2016) Campeonato season has come to an end. The champions for the season were Urrutikotxea (4 1/2 and doubles), Oliazola II (doubles) and Irribarria (singles).

Asegarce compiled statistics of its players for the season and listed them by winning percentage in an article appearing on the site on June 14, 2016. The leading percentages were Urrutikotxea (23-7--77% wins) and Oliazola II (20-10--67% wins).

ASPE did not provide such a listing, so I attempted to make one myself. I checked each pelotari listed as active on the ASPE roster and did an ASPE database lookup for results from October 1, 2015 until May 31, 2016. I'm not sure how valid this is (several active pelotaris were not in the database). I will list them by most wins.

Mtz. de Irujo         20-5
Gorka                    19-9
Mendizabal III      18-10
Ezkurdia                16-12
Barriola                 12-10
Juanarena               10-11
Martija                    8-3
Merino II                8-9
Merino                    7-16
Cecilio                     6-1
Zabaleta                   5-4
Elordi                       5-14
Retegi BI                  4-2
Erostarbe                  4-10
Zubieta                      1-6

There was no information in the database for Irribarria. His pelotari page had his record since his debut March 22, 2015 at 28-37. Other players listed on the roster but not in the database:

Altuna III