This is a current awareness blog that links to the latest sources of information on Basque Pelota matches and Tournaments. It covers both North and South Basque modalities: Mano, Main Nue, Pala, Paleta, Remonte, Cesta Punta, Jai Alai, and minor modalites. We link to match articles, statistics and video highlights and/or full match videos.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Remonte--Summer Comings and Goings

As with the other modalities, Summer for Remonte means tournaments. Print coverage for most of Remonte emanates from the Oriamendi2010 web site and its ancillary Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube sites. Links to all things Oriamendi2010 (especially player and rankings pages) are available in the sources page on the right side of the blog. The Oriamendi2010 website is completely bilingual (Euskaren/Castillano). We point to the Castillano site but will apply labels for both languages.

In addition to tournaments, Oriamendi2010, the entity that manages the sport in the South Basque, provides the staple of the sport, four matches every Thursday and Saturday. One of these matches is the marquee or "Star" match. It is covered with a detailed match report. Selected matches are also broadcast on the EITB TV network and then made available for viewing on demand. We will begin coverage of the Star matches July 16, 2016 except for a unique Star match that was held on June 25, 2016 and was broadcast on EITB. Since the "Star" matches are a recurrring feature, they will be kept at the "Remonte--"Star Match" page on the right side of the blog. Tournament coverage will begin with the two tournament finals that were broadcast on EITB in June and July respectively.