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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Remonte--Tournaments or Star Matches--The Fascinating Matchups of Urriza v Uterga

As the career of the great Ezkurra (see more on him and all players on the players pages linked to on the right side of the blog) winds down, two great front courters, Urriza and Uterga, compete to be his heir. And they compete against each other often. This theme continues this summer in both tournaments all over the South Basque and weekly matches at the Galarreta Fronton (Hernani).

Since May 28, 2016, they have faced each other in 4 short court (36 meter mur a gauche) tournament finals, each winning two.  The story of their matches on short courts has been summarized in two Oriamendi2010 articles that dealt with their latest meeting on July 14. The first article announced the scheduling of their latest final and summarized their previous results. The second article chronicled the outcome of their latest match.

Of these 4 matches, we have full video of one.

Uterga-Aizpuru III defeated Urriza-Zaldua 35-25 at Beloki Fronton (1) (2), Zumarraga, in the final of the Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundiaren 2016ko Saria-VII Erremonte Kopa.

Match article (Source: Oriamendi2010):

MY ARTICLE: Enhanced linescore, basic statistics, and analysis of the match

Full match video: Match begins at 1 hour, 6 minutes, 30 seconds of the recording. (Source: EITB)

Also, the Galarreta "Star" match of June 25, 2016 featured a matchup of the two on the big court:

Urriza-Barrenetxea IV defeated Uterga-Maxtin III-Etxeberria III 40-33.

Match article (Source: Oriamendi2010)

Full match video: (Source: EITB) Note: this video also includes full match video of the match that followed it (Zeberio II-Aizpuru III v Ansa II-Ion). Watching the entire video will give you a taste of a day at Galarrata. The question to ask about the Urriza v Uterga match is "Does an extra player give a team an advantage?"

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