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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Main Nue--23rd Coupe de Chasseurs begins

The  23rd Coupe de Chasseurs, an EP 500 Tournament will be held from August 29-October 31, 2016. Matches will take place at Trinquet Garat, Donibane Garazi  (Saint-John-Pied-de-Port)  This is a 50 point match tournament organized by Goizeko Izarra. The tournament will be followed on a match by match basis at the "Main Nue--Recurring 50 point match results page on the right side of this blog (under "Recurring Results"). This post is simply an announcement. We will also provide semi-final and final result information in one of the main blog posts at the end of the tournament.

Brackets (Source: Esku Pilota Facebook page).

Results from 22nd (2015) and 21st (2014) tournaments

The latest match information only will be available at Goizeko Izarra's CdC Tournament Page

August 29, 2016

Mainhaguet*-Amulet defeated Bereterbide*-Benesse* 50-49

This was a play-in match for a final bracket slot in the tournament. See the bracket page above for how this works. As the information on this week's tournament page says, this match got the tournament off to a "flying start." Note that Esku Pilota, as of August 31, had a different score for this match (50-45). We will stay with the GI score until there is a clarification.

According to the brackets, Next Monday, September 5  match should be:

Elgart-Migueltorena* v Ospital-Lucu*

However the match listed at the tournament page is:

Bereterbide*-Migueltorena* v Olcomendy*-Lucu*