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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Main Nue--Masters de Bayonne

Masters de Bayonne, an EP 2000 competition, was contested at Trinquet Moderne (1) (2) July 27, 28, and 31, 2016.

Full match videos of all three matches (source: Esku Pilota Youtube site) are linked to from, which also has the complete competition scores, linescores, charts, selected match statistics and video highlights. Match videos are also linked to from the individual match stories (see below). Each source has its advantages. Use whichever is best for you. If you use the site remember to "disactiver" under the videos to disable pfr's auto-refresh.

July 27, 2016

(Source for all match articles: Esku Pilota)

1st Semi-final:

Etchegaray-Ducassou defeated Waltary-Bilbao 40-32

Match article: . An audio interview with Etchegaray is also available here. Video of the amazing point that began at 24-17 and consumed 61 balls in play is available at the site above.

July 28, 2016

2nd Semi-final

Larralde-Guichandut defeated Xala-Harismendy 40-14

Match article: Audio interviews with Xala and Larralde are also available here.

July 31, 2016


Larralde-Guichandut defeated Etchegaray-Ducassou 40-17

Match article: Audio interviews with Larralde and Etchegaray are also available here. Seven spectacular points from the match are excerpted (source: Esku Pilota Facebook site). and available at the site above.

Preliminary match before the final:

Migueltorena defeated Darmendrail 40-39. Note that neither of these players has an entry in the Esku Pilota player pages at this time.

The match article for this match is available at the end of the final match article linked to above. A video of the last point of that match is available there as well.

Full Match Video (Source: Esku Pilota Youtube site).