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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Main Nue--Turnois de Larrau--Trophee Betzula

Turnois de Larrau--Trophee Betzula (1) (2), an EP 1000 competition, was contested on August 19 and 21, 2016

August 19, 2016:

Semi-Finals (Source for Scores--Esku Pilota results Page) Scroll to "Turnois de Larrau, Vendredi, 19 aout".

Larralde-de Ezcurra defeated Etchegaray-Amulet 40-36

Ospital-Ducassou defeated Bielle-Harismendy 40-13

August 21, 2016:


Ospital-Ducassou defeated Larralde-de Ezcurra 40-33

Match article, photos, audio interview with Mathieu Ospital, and full match video (Source: Esku Pilota)

Note: full match video is also available from Esku Pilota Youtube site:

At the Youtube site there is a note that mentions that the sound commentary (provided by Julien Etchegaray) is lost from the point that begins at 33-29 to the end of the match. That note links to the exact point later on the recording where the 33-29--40-33 points are replayed with sound, followed by a closing ceremonial cultural event.

The video never points to a scoreboard. That may be because there is no scoreboard or it is inaccessible to the camera. The score is called out by the commentator in the early part of the match. Otherwise,it is important to listen carefully to the Judge, who calls out the score with every point, or keep score yourself, which is easy enough to do if you watch closely. 

As a result of this match, Ducassou replaced Larralde at the top of the EP rankings table.