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Monday, August 29, 2016

Mano--Antiguoako Pilota Txapleketa Amateur finals

Antiguoako Pilota Txapleketa finals: at Donostia Udala Fronton (1) (2)

The 68th edition of this revered amateur mano tournament took place from July 12-August 28, 2016. It featured some of the finest amateur players in the South Basque country. The tournament finals were played on a very short (only just past the 6 line) outdoor court with a retractable roof for protection against the elements. The roof came in very handy on this rainy day.

Tournament backround article (

Match story for the second and third matches (Diario Vasco--Castellano) including links to 27 photos

Full match videos for the three finals (Source: EITB)

1. Lau t'Erdian  (4 1/2) (0:00-30 minutes, 4 seconds on the video)

Labaka  (red) defeated Errandonea (blue)  22-15

2. Gazteen (Juvenile) Finala (32:01-1:22:14).

Zubizarreta-Salaverry (red) defeated Salaberria-Eskiroz (blue) 22-15

Zubizarreta, according to the article above, is the "best juvenile handball player in the region" (translation from Google translate).

Watch the first point of this match, which consumed 90 balls in play before a Zubizarreta cross court kill shot gave Z-S a 1-0 lead. The point runs from 32:01-36:06. It is astonishing that players of this age can play at this level. In all, 635 balls in play were consumed in this 50 minute match.

3. Nagusian Finala (1:26:10-2:20:37)

Santxo-Aldusin (red) defeated Urretabizkaia-Garmendia (Blue) 22-16.

The final match was followed by 15 minutes of interviews and a closing ceremony.