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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pala--Kirol Txartela Masters Tournament--Players--Tournament Regulations--Schedule--Day 5 (Round 3) Results

The Kirol Txartela Masters Tournament  at the Atano III FrontonDonastia (San Sebastian) began on July 6, 2016.  It will end with a final on August 17, 2016. The Tournament link above explains the nature of the tournament and how it is to be contested. The same information is also available in less graphic form at InnPala. Basically it is an 8 team doubles tournament, consisting of the entire 10 man InnPala roster along with 6 invited amateurs. The teams are split into two 4 team groups. This is a short court tournament. Each match will be contested to a best three out of five 10 point jokos (sets). Table points are determined entirely by number of jokos won. The league phase will consist of a single round robin in each group, with each player playing every other week. Matches will take place every Wednesday evening. At the end of the league phase there will be a final. Source for all match scores: InnPala Twitter feed. For more information on professional players see the player pages linked to on the right side of the blog.

Note: *=Amateur

Fifth Day: August 3, 2016. 

Group A:  Navarro*-Brefel  defeated Landeta--Ibai-Perez 3-2 (10-9, 10-8, 6-10, 9-10, 10-5)

In the fourth joko, L-I came back from an 9-8 deficit to force a deciding joko. With the victory N-B won Group A and a place in the final on August 17.

Group B: Ibarguren*-Imanol defeated Fusto-J. Irigoyen*  3-1 (3-10, 10-7, 10-?, 10-?)

Fusto was forced to retire with a pectoral injury. How long he will be out of action is unknown. Group B: Ibarguren*-Imanol defeated Fusto-J. Irigoyen*   3-1 (3-10, 10-7, 10-?, 10-?)

Fusto was forced to retire with a pectoral injury. How long he will be out of action is unknown. There were no details in the Innpala Twitter feed explaining when Fusto retired.

Group A Table:

Navarro*-Brefel (3-0) (3-0; 3-0, 3-2)--9 points
Landeta--Ibai-Perez (2-1) (3-1; 3-2; 2-3)--8 points
Gaubeka-Irigoyen* (0-2) (0-3; 2-3)--2 points
Necol-Andueza* (0-2) (1-3; 0-3)--1 point

Group B Table:

Ibarguren*-Imanol (1-2) (2-3; 2-3; 3-1)--7 points
Arozena*-Ibargarai (2-0) (3-0; 3-2)--6 points
Zubiri-Ayerbe (1-1) (3-2; 2-3)--5 points
Fusto-J. Irigoyen* (1-2) (0-3; 3-2; 1-3 )--4 points

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