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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Open Villa de Madrid

(Added to this post October 3, 2016). Note: In late September, FIPV (see below) released some summary highlight video of the tournament. The quality of the video (produced by is much higher than the Periscope TV video below.

A. Tournament Summary (18 minutes 37 seconds) (FIPV Youtube site).

B. Highlights of final: (3:56)

C. Highlights of semi-finals (3:44)


The multi-sponsored Open Villa de Madrid was played at Universidad Complutense Fronton, Madrid on September 23-24, 2016.

Source for sponsors of the tournament: FederaciĆ³n Internacional de Pelota Vasca website (scroll to the bottom of the page for the sponsors).

Source for match articles and photos; FederaciĆ³n Internacional de Pelota Vasca website and Flickr,  and Source for match video, FIPV Periscope, LaLiga4Sports Facebook page.

The significance of the tournament becomes immediately evident when you notice who played in it.

A note about the full match videos. FIPV presented this tournament live via All of  the full match videos can be linked to individually from the FIPV Twitter feed. I have also linked to the matches directly from Periscope for convenience.

Periscope is not commercial quality TV. This is basically raw video of the matches. There is no commentary and no way to know the score except to keep score yourself as the matches proceed. There is also no way to know how long these matches may be available on demand. With all these caveats, this is still full match video and FIPV has provided it.

Full match video of all four matches (via FIPV Twitter feed). Scroll to where the matches begin. Note that as time goes by, you will have to scroll further down to find them. This is the nature of any Twitter feed. The March 23 semi-fnals are labeled "Presentation Jugadores Torneo Internacional".

Full match video of all four matches (via Periscope). Click on the blue "x" at the bottom of the screen to widen the picture. I have not found a way to remove the label from the match as it progresses.

On the 3rd place match, Erkiaga's injury happens at 22:09 on the video, out of camera range. There are two 3rd place matches listed because after Erkiaga retired hurt, Egiguren continued playing against Olha.

September 24:


Olharan-Lopez defeated Goikoetxea-Inza 2-0 (15-9, 15-9)

Video of final point of the match (source: LaLiga4Sports Facebook page).

Photos (including both days)

Third place match:

Egiguren-Enbil defeated Olha-Erkiaga after Erkiaga was forced to retire as a result of being hit on the elbow by a ball.

Background article on the final matchup (Source:

Match articles for both matches (Source: Federacion Internacional de Pelota Vasca)

Match articles for both matches (Source:

September 23:


Goikoetxea-Inza defeated Egiguren-Enbil 2-0 (15-5, 15-5).

Olharan-Lopez defeated Olha-Erkiaga 2-1 (8-15, 15-11, 10-9)

Match articles for both matches (Source: Federacion Internacional de Pelota Vasca)