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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Main Nue--Trophee Puyodebat

Trophee Puyodebat, an EP 1000 tournament, was played at Trinquet Larressore (1) (2) on August 26, 29, 2016

August 26, 2016:

Semi-Finals (Source for Scores: Esku Pilota)

Monce-Ducassou defeated Bielle-Guichandut 40-37

Ospital-de Ezcurra defeated Lambert-Amulet 40-38

August 29, 2016:


Ospital-de Ezcurra defeated Monce-Ducassou 40-28

Match article, with links to photos, an audio interview with de Ezcurra, and full match video: (Source: Esku Pilota website)

Full match video also available directly via the Esku Pilota Youtube sight. In the comments area of the page, 11 of Ospital's winning points are directly marked (see below). I'm not sure if that worked at the Youtube site so I copied it at the bottom of this post

Highlights and Interviews (Source: Esku Pilota)

Match chart, line score, and full match video, along with a separate video of the dispute (see below) (source: Esku Pilota Facebook page via Note: if you watch the video from, make sure to click on "desactiver" below the video to disable pff's auto refresh. Otherwise the videos will stop.

At the 45 minute 25 second mark on the recording M-D had completed a 10-0 run to take a 22-20 lead. From that point on, Mathieu Ospital took the match away from them with a great run of spectacular points. O-E outscored M-D 20-6 for the rest of the match. By my count Ospital scored 14 of the 20 points. He scored them in every possible way, using the ornamentations of the trinquet to his advantage. He used the side dugout mesh, the xilo box, the right front bevel, the side dugout roof, and the back dugout. He also made amazing right side passes. If you watch the match from the 45:25 mark, you will see not only his scoring, but also his great defense. It was a remarkable sustained performance.

One other interesting point came at the 38-27 point. This point is shown at the address above. The judge ruled a service fault against Ospital. Both he and de Ezcurra disagreed. As it turned out, Ducassou agreed with them. He gave the point right back.

Ducassou kept his top ranking, but this day belonged to Ospital.

Mathieu Ospital--11 remarkable points.

Key: Score at beginning of point; Score at end of poiint; Time on recording at beginning of point. Time at end of point.

Click on times to go directly to the points. At the end of the point, hit the back arrow to get back to this post. Otherwise the match will simply continue from that point.

1. 20-22--21-22--45:25-46:15 2. 21-22--22-22--46:39--46:59 3. 23-22--24-22--48:32-49:22 4. 24-22--25-22--49:59--51:01 5. 25-23--26-23--52:54--54:14 6. 26-23--27-23--54:52--57:13 7. 28-23--29-23--58:39--59:26 8. 29-25--30-25--1:02:57-1:03:29 9. 30-25--31-25--1:04:09-1:05:09 10: 31-26--32-26--1:07:03-1:08:02 11. 36-26-37-26--1:15:27--1:15:36