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Monday, December 5, 2016

Main Nue--Esku Pilota Lagunak

At the heart of an Esku Pilota Lagunak (Friends) end of year celebration were two special matches at Trinquet Haitz Pean, d'Anglet (1)(2)(3) on December 3, 2016.

A. Arotsarene-Iribaren defeated Iribarne-Ibanez 40-29. This was a junior match between club teams from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and Sare.

B. Larralde-Bilbao defeated Waltary-Ducassou 40-39.

Selected line score (winners always listed first) (Source: Pilota Ttiki)

4-4; 5-5; 7-7; 7-10; 10-10; 10-15; 11-15; 11-18; 18-18; 24-20; 24-22; 24-23; 26-25; 27-27; 29-29; 30-29; 30-30; 31-31; 33-39; 40-39

Match preview article (Pilota Ttiki)

Match article along with full match video (Esku Pilota)

Match article (Pilota Ttiki)

Esku Pilota saved the best for the last major doubles match of the season, a match arranged as part of an Esku Pilota Lagunak celebration. Three of the top four ranked players participated. As the match line score shows, it was a very hard fought match, the momentum swinging first one way then the other. At 39-33, it seemed that W-D were home free. But then an error by Waltary opened the door for one of the most amazing comebacks of the year. And the best part of the best match was the very last point, 23 balls in play, a point Waltary nearly won 4 times (view the point below).

Ball 4: A xareat winner that Larralde literally pulls out of the filet at the last second

Ball 6: A low 3 wall shot that Larralde again saves.

Ball 12: A xilo winner that caroms to the low dugout wall. Again, Larralde is there.

Ball 14. Another xareat winner that, somehow, misses the filet by millimeters.

On ball 24, Waltary goes cross court for another winner but hits it slightly low.

Full match video (Esku Pilota Youtube)

34-39--40-39 (Esku Pilota Facebook page)

Final point

A marvelous end to a great Esku Pilota season.

Esku Pilota 2016 Highlight video