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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Main Nue: Tournois Biper Saria

Tournois Biper Saria, an EP 500 competition, was held at Trinquet de Saint-Pee (1)(2) and Trinquet D'Espellete (1)(2) on December 23 and 28.

Score source: Esku Pilota match articles and Resultats page

December 28,2016


Trinquet d'Espelette: Etchegaray-Bilbao (substituting for Guichandut) defeated Bielle-Amulet 40-35

Source for score

Note: Guichandut played and won v Bielle in a Championnat de France Main Nue Individual tournament match on December 30, 2016..

December 23, 2016


Trinquet de Saint-Pee. The matches were moved from Trinquet Dospi to Trinquet de Saint-Pee due to a moisture problem at Dospi.

1. Etchegaray-Guichandut defeated X. Lambert-L.Lambert 40-35

Partial linescore (winners always listed 1st)

21-7; 27-30; 40-35

In a match dominated by huge runs (21-7, 6-23, 13-5), E-G produced the last one and rode it to victory.

2. Bielle-Amulet defeated Inchauspe-de Ezcurra 40-22

Partial linescore

10-7; 20-11; 30-15, 40-22

B-A broke the match wide open in second half to win easily.

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