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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mano--Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas--Week 4

Binakako Txapelketako/Campionato Parejas, the premier doubles competition of the 2016-2017 Mano season, began December 2, 2016. 8 teams compete for the title. The first (league) phase is a double round robin (14 matches). The top 4 finishers will then face off in a single round robin (3 matches). The two winners will play in a final on April 9, 2017.

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Short video recap of all 4 matches (Elezkano-Zabaleta v Mendizabal III-Barriola highlights are here).

December 22, 2016

A. Uarkape, Arrasate (Mondragon) (1)(2)(3): Ezkurdia-Merino II defeated Urrutikoetxea-Imaz 22-15.

Match article with statistics and linescore (Deia)

An 8-1 start propelled E-M to their second consecutive victory. 8-1 was maintained all the way to 20-11 before U-I were able to close the gap and make the score more respectable. E-M 2-2 U-I 1-3

Match highlights (EITB)

Match Highlights ( Youtube) Parts or all of 12 points.

December 23, 2016

B. Biaizpe, Irurtzun (1)(2): Elezkano II-Zabaleta defeated Mendizabal III (substituting for Altuna III)-Barriola 22-3. Altuna III, injured in the 1st match of the League phase, is expected to return on January 1, 2017 v Ezkurdia-Merino II.

Match article with statistics and linescore (Deia):

Feature article on Elezkano (Deia)

Feature article on Altuna III return from injury (Diario Vasco)

Led by Danel Elizkano's  +16 (more than doubling the output of the other three players combined) and a 19 point run at the finish, E-Z won their 2nd consecutive match, dominating M-B. E-Z 2-2 A-B 1-3. 

Match highlights (see video recap of all matches above).

Full Match video ( Scroll to "Irurtzun-Biaizpe - 23/12/2016".

December 24, 2016

C. Beotibar, Tolosa (1)(2):  Victor (substituting for Artola)-Albisu defeated Bengoetxea VI-Larunbe 22-20

Selected linescore: (winner always listed 1st)

0-6; 7-7; 14-14; 15-15; 16-16; 17-17; 22-20

Match article

Match statistics (Asegarce)

With Victor substituting for Artola for the first of what could be 8-10 weeks, V-A got off to a slow start. But then they clicked into gear and evened the score with a 7-1 run. From there the two teams were evenly matched until the end, when V-A eked out the victory. They had to overcome 13 errors in order to do so. A-A 3-1 B-L 1-3

Match highlights

Full match video (match begins at 1 hour, 7 minutes, 7 seconds on the video).

December 25, 2016

D. Astelena, Eibar (1)(2):  Irribaria-Rezusta defeated Oliazola II-Untoria 22-7

Match article with statistics and linescore (Deia)

I-R took Oliazola II completely out of the match (+2 -5) and remained the only undefeated team in the competition with this easy victory. The match linescore shows no big runs, just a continual accumulation of the lead throughout the match. This match was a statement of intent for I-R, as O-U  are thought to be one of the favorites to win. I-R 4-0 O-U 2-2.

Match highlights

Full match video (match begins at 1:05:23 of the video).