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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Multiple Modalities-- FIPV VI Copa del Mundo

The Federación Internacional de Pelota Vasca held its VI Copa del Mundo November 20-26, 2016, It was a 30 meter court specialty tournament held in Santiago, Chile. Tournaments were held for men and women in Paleta Goma and Frontenis. Frontenis is a modality that hasn't been covered in this blog before now.

Basics of Frontenis

18 countries participated.

FIPV VI Copa del Mundo competition contexts and day by day match articles:



Finals: Full match videos (Vivo Sport)

Mexico won 3 competitions. France won 1.

1. Women's Frontenis--Mexico v Spain  (0:00-1:20:00)
2. Men's Paleta Goma--Mexico v Argentina (1:20:00-2:05:12)
3. Women's Paleta Goma--France v Argentina (2:05:12-3:17:02)

Interview with Maritxu Chapelet-Husset and Amaia Etchelecu, winners of the women's Paleta Goma Championship (Pilota Ttiki) (Added December 6, 2016)

Women's Paleta Goma Semi-Final--France v Mexico (FIPV) (Added December 7, 2016)

4. Men's Frontenis--Mexico v France (3:17:02-3:55:01)
5. Closing Ceremony--(3:55:01-4:42:38)

Other Full match videos (FIPV)

Other Full match videos (Vivo Sport)

20 separate matches plus Opening cermonies (Marcello Baumann Youtube site (Added December 11, 2017)

The Vivo sport videos are better for keeping score of the matches you are interested in, but not labeled particularly well.

Final medal table