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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta: Miami Jai Alai Fall 2016 final season standings.

Miami Jai Alai (1) (2) completed its Fall 2016 season on December 31. Statistical data for the completed season is available in the statistical report of December 31, 2016 (see page 2).  Note that the changing of seasons at Miami Jai Alai is somewhat arbitrary. Competition is continuous throughout the year, but seasons are divided between Fall (July 1-December 31) and Spring (January 1-June 30). The reset on the statistics sometimes doesn't show up on the exact opening date of the new season, but for my purposes the end of the season statistics are taken from data published on the last day of the season. This can cause confusion as to weekly leading winners data, as Miami's week runs from Wednesday through Monday, meaning that weekly winners can overlap seasons. Again, many thanks to Tiger's Jai Alai Heaven and especially Tiger for helping me find my way through the thickets of American quinella Jai Alai statistics.

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Aritz Erkiaga won the Fall season triple crown:  most wins all games (214), championship singles (25), and championship doubles (20). He played 723 games. Eric Irastorza was second in wins (161).  Irastorza won the 2016 Spring season triple crown. His numbers were 205, 16, and 32 in 810 games played. Aritz also led the Fall season in team wins-all games with 19. Irastorza finished 1st-4th in team wins all games last season with 17, 16, 15, and 14 (with 4 different partners).

Aritz' winning percentage was .296. Irastorza came in 2nd with .256. They were the only players on the roster over .200. Irastorza had the highest winning percentage in the Spring 2016 season with .253. Aritz also led the "in the money" (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finishes)  percentage with .595. Irastorza was 2nd with .577. The only other player with an over .500 ITM was Cisneros at .510. Irastorza won the ITM% last season with .564. Jon played the most games with 919. Garro was 2nd with 875.

Leading weekly winners (July 11-December 26): (Source: Tiger's Chalk Talk discussion board release of weekly statistics)

Aritz 10; Irastorza 6; Cisneros 5; Bereikua 3; Jabi 2; Arietio 1; Benat 1;  Ladutxe 1; Tico 1. Note: in the event of a tie for weekly leading winner honors, all were listed for the purpose of this compilation.

Most wins in a full week: 16 by Aritz. Least to lead a full week: 8 by Aritz and Jabi.

For full weekly coverage of Miami Jai Alai see the Miami Jai Alai weekly leaders page on the right side of the blog.

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