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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta-Two important news articles

1. Jai Alai News Facebook page has released an extensive interview with Pedro Andrinúa Santibáñez, manager of the newly remodeled Fronton Mexico (Mexico City) scheduled to re-open on Mar. 4, 2017. Many topics are discussed, including the process of remodeling the 1,800 seat fronton, the signing of (so far) 18 players, (including Lopez, Irastorza, Egiguren, Olharan, and Olha), and the mechanics of how the matches will work. The interview is in Castilian. Auto translation to English may be available. In the title are the words "Great Expectations." Indeed!

Interview with Pedro Andrinúa Santibáñez

2. "Gotzon Enbil, elegido nuevo Presidente de la Federación vasca de pelota" ("Gotzon Enbil, elected new President of the Basque Pelota Federation")," by Igor G. Vico (Deia, January 14, 2017)