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Friday, January 27, 2017

Remonte--Oriamendi2010 awards for 2016--Torneo IV GALA results

Feature article about the awards and Torneo VI GALA (Oriamendi2010)

Awards and Torneo VI GALA article (Oriamendi2010)

Awards and Torneo VI GALA article (Diario Vasco)

1. Oriamendi2010 had its awards night for the best performances of 2016 after the Thursday, January 26, 2017 session at Galarreta (1)(2)

Javier Urriza won the Remonte de Oro trophy for his two individual championships:  (Kutzabank in September  and Masters Individual, as well as his advancement to the semi-finals of the Orona Pairs Tournament in November-December.

In addition, he won 3 Euskal Jai Berri tournaments: the San Fermin and San Isidro pairs tournaments, as well as the Navidad singles tournament last month.

Oriamendi2010 also awarded two Trofeos de la Regularidad 2016 for consistency of excellence during the course of the Thursday-Saturday sessions it holds throughout the year.

Xanti Uterga won for Group A with an average of 33.86 (out of 40) over 65 matches played (See points explanation here, at the bottom of the link page). He was the leading monthly winner 4 times in 2016 (March, September, November, and December). No other A player won more than 2. His perfect 40 points in December was an achievement shared only with Koteto Ezkurra for the year. By my count, he played in 49 "Star" (feature) matches in 2016. These are (in general) the most difficult and competitive matches of each session. The number of "Star Matches" he played says volumes by itself. He won 28 of them.

Xabier Azpiroz won for Group B with an average of 35.72 over 47 matches. He tied with 3 other players for leading monthly winner with 2 (July and October). He had a perfect 40 point month in July. Only 1 other B player equaled that. Azpiroz was one of the 6 players added to the Oriamendi2010 roster in May of 2016.

2. The Thursday, January 26, 2017 Galarreta session featured Torneo VI GALA, a "flash tournament," 2 semi-finals and a final.



Urriza-Azpiroz defeated Uterga-Etxeberria III 25-23

Zeberio II-Endika defeated Ezkurra II-Ion 25-22

Zeberio II was injured in this match. E II-I advanced to the final.


Ezkurra II-Ion defeated Urriza-Azpiroz 25-23.

For full coverage of Oramendi2010 Galarreta Thursday and Saturday matches, see the Remonte: Galarreta "STAR" matches page on the right side of the blog.