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Monday, January 9, 2017

Remonte--VII Master Individual Oriamendi Tournament--the match after

Whenever EITB broadcasts an important Remonte match from Galarreta, Hernani (1)(2), it is the "Star Match," the 2nd of a four match session. These sessions are played on Thursdays and Saturdays. After the important Star Match, EITB televises the 3rd match, which is usually a match involving better and more experienced players. I watch these matches because I don't often get to see the players in them. Also, it is fascinating to watch the body language of the "grind" that is the essence of the Oriamendi2010 schedule. The body language of these matches reminds me somewhat of the body language seen during the grind of an American Quiniela Jai Alai season at Miami or Dania Beach, Florida. Oriamendi2010 players grind out game after game, with partner after partner, week in and week out throughout the year. When a non-championship Remonte match ends at Galarreta, the contestants simply take off their helmets and cestas and walk off the floor. Fans have almost always seen the incredible things that you will see in a Remonte match. The idea of using something that looks like a Jai Alai basket as a racquet to hit the ball rather than catch and throw it seems impossible. Yet these players do this with grace, athleticism, and style. Remonte is not as fast as Jai Alai (but then, neither is any other ball sport in the world), but it is fast enough. To be able to hit the ball at all is amazing. To be able to hit it with a cesta on your right hand while plastered against the left wall, or to be able to execute standing or falling rebotes (rebounds off the back wall), as is done in Jai Alai on a regular basis, seems impossible with the Remonte implement. Watch and you'll see.

The match I watched (which is covered at the above Star Match link), was between Etxeberria IV-Etxeberria III and Segurola-Ion. Three of them are "A" group players. Segurola is a "B" group player who often plays in matches with A players. What I saw was one of the most amazing performances I have seen in the short time I've been following the sport. Etxeberria IV is a player I have seen little of and read even less about. But he put on an incredible performance to lead his team to victory. His partner had a pretty good game as well. Together, they played an almost perfect match.

Etxeberria IV-Etxeberria III defeated Segurola-Ion 40-26

Full match video (EITB) (match begins at 1 hour, 13 minutes on the video)

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