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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Gran Fiesta de la Cesta Punta Alavesa

On February 10, 2017 a "Gran Fiesta de la Cesta Punta," sponsored by the Federación Alavesa de Pelota Vasca, was held at Olave, Vitoria-Gasteiz (1)(2). In part it was a "send off" for three young players from Alava (Julien del Rio, Aaron Gonzalez, and Ekhi Martinez), who are turning professional and joining the roster for the new season at Fronton Mexico, scheduled to begin in early March,  The festival consisted of three quiniela matches. The first was a junior match featuring some of the younger boys and girls of the "escuela de Gasteiz Jai Alai." The second featured senior members from the Club Gasteiz Jai Alai, including the ex-professional Zarandona. The third was a 25 point match that featured Mikel Egiguren-Ekhi, Christophe Olha-del Rio, and Aaron-Gotzon Enbil.

Egiguren-Ekhi (blue) won the match: 25
Olha-del Rio (white) 17
Aaron-Enbil  (red) 16

Match article with 9 photos (Jai Alai News Facebook page)

Full match video ( Click on the right arrow inside the circle for the video.

Full match video of the two earlier matches (

Gasteiz Jai Alai channel

Note that these are not commercial quality videos. There is no scoreboard and it is difficult to follow the scoring of the major match. But the video is of fairly high quality and gives you a chance to see the 3 new professionals that will be debuting at Fronton Mexico.