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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Main Nue: Three Independent Matches--Villefranque (Partie Humanitaire); Beguios (Partie France Bleu Pays Basque); Bayonne (au profit de la petite LIA)

In the time between the end of the FFPB Championnat de France Main Nue Elite Pro Individuel and the upcoming Main Nue Elite Pro CDF par Equipes (doubles) tournaments, three independent matches were played..

February 24, 2017

1. Villefranque (1)(2)(3) (Partie Humanitaire): Bielle-Ducassou defeated Ospital-Lambert 40-32

Preview article (Pilota Ttiki)

This was a match orgainzed by l'association Human'Isa to raise money to build a school in Nepal to replace one destroyed in an earthquake two years ago.

Match article (Esku Pilota)

Match article (Pilota-Ttiki)

Selected linescore (winners always listed 1st) (Source: both match articles)

0-6; 8-8; 10-15; 24-21; 31-21; 32-26; 40-32

February 26, 2017

2.  Beguios (1)(2) (Partie France Bleu Pays Basque):  Bielle-Lucu defeated Inchauspe-de Ezcurra 40-33

Match article (Esku Pilota) 

Selected linescore (winners always listed 1st)

20-20; 22-22; 29-29; 30-30; 40-33

3. Trinquet Moderne, Bayonne (1)(2) (Partie au Profit de la Petite Lia): Waltary-Amulet defeated Larralde-Lazcano 40-28 (Source: Esku Pilota Resultats)

For cumulative records of Main Nue elite professionals see the "Cumulative records of EP players" on the recurring results page on the right side of the blog.