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Monday, March 13, 2017

Remonte--Euskal Jai Berri 2017 Gala del Remonte

On March 10, 2017 Euskal Jai Berri held its 2017 Gala del Remonte, an awards presentation and 2 partidos. The following awards were given:

2016 Best Player: Javier Urriza

Urriza won 3 Euskal Jai Berri tournaments in 2016: the San Fermin and San Isidro pairs tournaments, as well as the Navidad singles tournament (added March 17, 2017).

2016 Best Front Court Player: Xanti Uterga
2016 Best Back Court Player: Ion Etxeberria
2016 Most Versatile Player: Endika Urrutia

This was due to the fact that Endika, now a back court player, played the entire Navarra Tournament in the front court. He played 4 matches and won them all, winning the tournament with Ion. (added March 17, 2017).

2016 Most Promising Young Player: Xabier Azpiroz

Preview: (Euskal Jai Berri)

Preview: (

Labrit, Iruna (Pamplona) (1)(2)

Score Source: Euskal Jai Berri

Erburu-Garces defeated Etxarri-Otano 30-21

Urterga-Endika defeated Urriza-Ion 35-27.  Euskal Jai Berri changed the score on their website from 35-26 to 35-27. (changed on March 17, 2017).

Uterga won his 10th consecutive match (see the Galarreta STAR Match recurring page on the right side of the blog for the other 9).

This marks the beginning of the 2017 Euskal Jai Berri Remonte season, a series of mostly short court tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments will be covered in the blog as they happen.

Tournament scores from 2016 can be found at the top right corner of the Euskal Jai Berri home page.

2016 Match and tournament articles. Scroll down through 8 pages to see all the match and tournament articles from last year.

It is unknown if these two matches are considered "official" EJB matches. I will count them and keep a table of EJB matches that will be updated when EJB posts appear in the main blog. 

Euskal Jai Berri Remonte Table

Key: Player; Position (d-delantero (front), z-zaguero (back); match record; points for and against, winning streak, tournaments won. Players will be ordered by match winning percentage. 1st tie breaker is most wins. 2nd tie breaker is point differential. 3rd tie breaker is point percentage.