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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jai Alai/Cesta Punta--Dania Beach Final Winter 2017 Season Standings--With a link to Win Sorts

The Dania Beach (1: Fronton after renovation)  (2: Fronton before renovation) Winter 2017 season began on January 2, 2017 and ended on April 15, 2017.

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Note that complete up to date roster statistics are only available for the latest performance at this time.

Roster Information

Final standings for the Dania Winter 2017 Season (.pdf format, 2p.)

Source: Dania Jai Alai. See page two for the full season statistics.

Erik won the triple crown for the third consecutive season (not counting the 2016 Fall season, when there was no triple crown competition due to the Dania Team Competition--he led all winners in the team competition). He finished the 2017 Winter season with 134 wins, 25 more than 2nd place Leke. He won the championship singles with 26 wins, 6 more than 2nd place Aimar, and he won the championship doubles (front) with 31, 14 more than 2nd place Arrieta. In addition he won the most team wins-all games with 19 (with Urbieta), 7 more than any other team. He was the leading weekly winner 8 times, 3 more than 2nd place Leke. He had the most wins to lead a week with 13 (twice). His winning percentage was .257, the only player on the roster over .200. Leke was second with a .186 percentage. Erik also led the in the money percentage with .536, .90 points higher than Leke, who finished 2nd. Erik played 521 games, 15th most on the roster. Leke played the most games with 585.

Erik was the story of the Winter 2017 season any way you look at it. But another story is beginning to emerge. Leke, the 22 year old back court player, is becoming a factor on the Dania roster. For the second consecutive season he has finished runner up to Erik for most wins. And, after Erik dominated the Fall 2016 season weekly leaders (10, 8 more than 2nd place Diego), Leke emerged as a real challenger in that category this season. Leke is still mostly an early games player at Dania, but his progression has been very interesting to watch.

Dania now takes a short hiatus before a short Spring season that begins on May 2,

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For current information about the progress of the Dania season, including a weekly breakdown of playing statistics, leading weekly winners, and a game by game chart of each week's winner,  see the Jai Alai: Dania Jai Alai weekly leaders page on the right side of the blog.