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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mano: Eskuz Banakako Txapelketa-Campeonato Manomanista De Lep.M--1/8 Finals

Eskuz Banakako Txapelketa-Campeonato Manomanista De Lep.M, the premier professional Mano singles championship competition, began on April 14, 2017 and will end on May 28, 2017. It is a seeded ladder knockout tournament consisting of 4 1/16 round play in matches, followed by seeded 1/8 and Quarter-finals. Quarter final winners will play a Semi-final and Semi-final winners will play in the final. A third place match will be played on May 21, 2017.

Players seeded in at the 1/8 level: Artola, Rezusta, Olaizola II, and Ezkurdia.
Players seeded in at the Quarter-final level: Irribarria (defending champion), Altuna III, Bengoetxea VI, and Urrutikoetxea.

Asegarce Competition page  (choose any year back to 1999 next to the "seleciona la temporada") for complete score recap of every tournament).

ASPE Competition page Competition page

21iguales Twitter feed live scoring page

List of previous winners going back to 1940 (Asegarce)

Available final match videos

1948 (Gallestegi 22 Atano III 6--highlights only) ;

1992 (Galarza III 22 Retegi II 12--added April 27, 2017) ; 1993 (Retegi II 22 Galarza III 19) ; 1995 (Beloki 22 Errandonea 15)1997 (Arretxe 22 Elkoro 18)

2000 (Eugi 22 Beloki 13) ; 2001 (Beloki 22 Eugi 8) ; 2002 (Barriola 22 Beloki 3) ; 2003 (Patxi Ruiz 22 Olaizola II 7) ;  2004 (Mtz. de Irujo 22 Xala 12) : 2005 (Olaizola II 22 Mtz. de Irujo 18) ; 2006  (Mtz. de Irujo 22 Olaizola II 17) ; 2007 (Olaizola II 22 Barriola 10) ; 2008 (Bengoetxea VI 22 Barriola 11) ; 2009 (Mtz. de Irujo 22 Olaizola II 12)

2010 (Mtz. de Irujo 22 Xala 13--1:18:45) 2011 (Xala 22 Olaizola II 19) ; 2012 (Olaizola II 22 Mtz. de Irujo 7) ;  2013 (Olaizola II 22 Mtz. de Irujo 7) ; 2014 (Mtz. de Irujo 22 Retegi BI 9--1:22:38) ;  2015 (Urrutikoetxea 22 Olaizola II 19) ; 2016 (Irribarria 22 Urrutikoetxea 13)


1/16 Finals

Source for all match articles, unless otherwise specifically stated, is Source for all match video (highlights and full match video) unless otherwise specifically stated, is EITB).

1/8 finals

April 21,2017

A.  Bergara (1)(2)(3): Rezusta defeated Victor 22-19

Match article with statistics and scoring

Until this match no back court player had won in this tournament. Rezusta, seeded in at the 1/8 level, was the last back court man in the tournament, and, at 2-8 it looked as if he too would be dispatched. But he did not panic and slowly worked his way back into the match. Halfway through he was still down 6-10. But at 6-11 he broke through with a 9-1 run to take the initiative. A 7-4 Victor run tied the score at 19, but then two contrasting Rezusta winners (short and very long) following a Victor error sealed the victory. It was Rezusta's 10th consecutive victory, 9 in the Mundial Parejas and this one. His next opponent is Altuna III.

Match highlights

Full match video (EITB--Basque) (match begins at 35 minutes 5 seconds on the video)

Full match video ( (scroll to "Bergara - 21/04/2017").

April 22, 2017

B. Labrit, Iruna (Pamplona) (1)(2): Olaizola II defeated Mendizabal III 22-5

Match article wth statistics and scoring

Mendizabal III won the first point of the match, but a 6-0 run by Olaizola II at the beginning and an 11-0 run at the end led to a very easy victory (the match took barely over 1/2 hour). Olaizola (+19 -1) played a nearly perfect match. His next opponent is Bengoetxea VI.

Match higlights

Full match video (match begins at 51:38 on the video)

April 23, 2017

C. Ogueta, Vitoria-Gasteiz (1)(2): Ezkurdia defeated Retegi BI 22-11

Match article with statistics and scoring

Ezkurdia used 4-0 runs at the beginning and in the middle, and a 6-0 run at the end to finish Retegi BI's tournament. Retegi BI  re-injured his shoulder (see match highlights) but was able to continue. Ezkurdia's  next opponent is Urrutikoetxea.

Match highlights

Full match video (match begins at 1:20:19 on the video)

April 24, 2017 

D. Zumaia (1)(2): Artola defeated Laso 22-13.

Match article with statistics and scoring

Artola dominated most of the match, using 7-1 and 13-1 runs to lead to what should have been an easy demolition of his young opponent. However, Laso did not go without a fight, with an 8-0 run to take the score from 20-5 to 20-13. Alas, it was too little, too late. 9 errors (according to hurt his cause. Artola's next opponent is defending champion Irribarria.

Match highlights

Match highlights ( (parts or all of 7 selected points)>

There was no full match video for this match.

Main Nue: FFPB CDC Elite Pro par Equipe--Semi-finals --April 21, 22 2017

The Main Nue Elite Pro par Equipe (pairs) Championnat de France A and B competition is sponsored by the  Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque (FFPB). The competition began on March 3, 2017 and ends on May 7, 2017. You can follow its progress here (link to "resultats" from the FFPB home  page). also provides A and B coverage. The tournaments have a "poule" phase, a single round robin, followed by a playoff system that is explained below. It turns out not to be quite as byzantine as I thought. :) It is a very interesting way to re-seed a tournament in mid-stream. 

*  not listed on the Esku Pilota player pages at this time.

Groupe A

Peio Larralde-Bixintxo Bilbao; Agusti Waltary-Peio Guichandut; Mathieu Ospital-Baptiste Ducassou; Julien Etchegaray-Vincent Lazcano; Alexis Inchauspe-Anton Amulet; Philippe Bielle-Ximun Lambert

Groupe B:

Laurent.Lambert-Mickael Palomes; Vincent Elgart-Pascal de Ezcurra; Mattin Olcomendy*-Jean-Philippe Bennesse, Antton Monce-Cedric Lucu

Source for all match articles, unless otherwise specifically stated, is Thus far, most Pilota Ttiki match articles are incorporated into the match pages. I will link to them, for ease of access when they are.

Week 1: March 3-4, 2017  ; Week 2: March 12-13 ; Week 3: March 18-19 ; Week 4: March 25, 27, 2017 ; Week 5: April 1-2, 2017 ; Week 6: April 7, 10 2017 ; April 14, 2017--Barrage

Semi-finals in both poules in this competition were played on April 21 and 22, 2017.

April 21, 2017

Trinquet Haitz Pean, Anglet (1)(2)(3)

Match preview article for both matches

Poule A:

Waltary-Guichandut (A4) defeated Ospital-Ducassou (A1) 40-36

Selected linescore (winners always listed first) (source: both match articles)

0-4; 12-12; 16-12; 20-14; 21-14: 24-14; 26-15; 28-16; 32-17; 32-20; 32-21; 34-24; 36-29; 38-32; 39-32; 39-36; 40-36

Poule B:

Aguirre (substituting for L. Lambert)-Palomes (B1) defeated Monce-Lucu (B4) 40-20

Selected linescore (winners always listed first) (source: both match articles)

26-12; 26-19; 38-19; 40-20

Match article for both matches

Match article for both matches, including an audio interview with Peio Guichandut (Esku Pilota)

Poule A:

This was the upset of the tournament, as O-D were undefeated in poule play (athough they were severely tested by W-G in March before winning 40-38.) According to the match article, a key moment occurred when Waltary scored consecutive winners from 21-14--24-14. It was part of a 16-4 (12-12--28-16) run which basically decided the match, They needed every bit of that cushion because O-D fought back tenaciously with a 19-8 run at the end (32-17--40-36), including 4 consecutive points when W-G had 39, to begin to put the match in doubt. In the end, W-G, who barely survived the Barrage match against L. Lambert-Palomes (B1) when Waltary took matters into his own powerful hands, now find themselves (4-3) and in the final against Larralde-Bilbao (A2--5-1). Both Bilbao and Waltary will be defending the championship that they won together last year. For O-D it was a disappointing end to a magnificent tournament. They finished 5-1.

Poule B:

L. Lambert's tournament ended due to an adductor injury.  He was replaced by Gregory Aguirre. A-P had little trouble with M-L, answering a 7-0 run with a 12-0 run of their own to secure the victory. Palomas' team remains undefeated in Poule B at 4-0. They will now face  Poule A 5th place team Inchauspe-Amulet in the Poule B final. Inchauspe-Amulet have an overall record of 2-4 (1-0 in Poule B).

April 22, 2017

Le Garat, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port  (1!)(2)

Match preview article

Poule A:

Larralde-Bilbao (A2) defeated Bielle-X. Lambert (A3) 40-25

Selected linescore (winners always listed 1st) (source: both match articles)

4-4: 6-6; 7-7; 8-8; 13-8; 20-11; 25-14; 30-15; 39-21; 39-25; 40-35

Poule B:

Inchauspe-Amulet (A-5--B-2) defeated Elgart-De Ezcurra (B2--B3) 40-34

Selected linescore (winners always listed 1st) (source: both match articles)

6-0; 18-10; 18-17; 20-19; 25-24; 26-25; 26-26; 34-28; 34-31; 35-33; 40-34

Match article for both matches along with a link to a condensed full match video of the Poule A match (also linked to directly below)

Match article for both matches, including an audio interview with Peio Larralde (Esku Pilota)

Condensed full match video of Larralde-Bilbao v Bielle-X. Lambert (Bixintxo Bilbao Youtube)

Poule A:

This match, according to both match articles (and corroborated by the match video), was not as easy as the final score indicated. It lasted around an hour and 15 minutes, with many long and hotly contested points, After an early 12-3 run that took their lead to 20-11, L-B slowly built the lead to 18. They faltered slightly at the end, as B-L made a 4 point run. Bilbao will be going for his 3rd consecutive CdF.

Poule B:

This hour and 20 minute battle had many ebbs and flows, but in the end, E-D could not recover from an early 8 point deficit. Every time they challenged, I-A met that challenge, finally pulling away with a 5 point run at the end. I-A hoped to be contending for a Groupe A championship this year, but a chance to defend their 2016 Groupe B championship is not the worst consolation.