This is a current awareness blog that links to the latest sources of information on Basque Pelota matches and Tournaments. It covers both North and South Basque modalities: Mano, Main Nue, Pala, Paleta, Remonte, Cesta Punta, Jai Alai, and minor modalites. We link to match articles, statistics and video highlights and/or full match videos.

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This blog is an example of what librarians call a "current awareness reader's advisory". It is designed to keep you current on the latest developments in the various modalities of Basque Pelota. It attempts to gather and organize information that comes from many sources. There are many ways to sort out the specific information that you are interested in. Labels on the side of the page allow you to pick out just what you want, either topically (modality), geographically, linguistically, or by type of enclosure (or lack thereof) where the modality is played (one at a time only). A language label refers to the language of an article or the language used in a full match video. The language label will be followed by --a (article) or --v (video).  Those labels also appear at the end of every blog post. You can follow the blog archive that also appears on the side of the page. The blog is searchable and can be translated after a fashion--an important feature for this material. Unfortunately I speak and write only this language. Almost all of the links to print material are links to material in Basque, Castilian, or French. You cannot translate those from these pages. For those I use Google Translate ( The translations are crude and cumbersome, and they strip out any vestige of the spirit of what is written. But after a while one begins to improve at translating the Google Translate English into English. At this point it is actually effective to go back and look at the original language when translating Google Translate English into English. I suspect this is also the case for those who wish to translate this blog into Basque, Castilian, French (or any other language, for that matter).

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This blog is NOT an archive. Basically, once I have finished a blog post, I am finished with it. If I have made an error in a link, please inform me at the address given above. But if you click on a link weeks or months after I have posted the item and it doesn't work, then you will have to do what I do to try to recover lost or changed links.

1. Do a Google search on the link or title of the article. Sometimes that works.

2. Try the Wayback Machine at Enter the Internet address that isn't working in the blog. Sometimes it will retrieve what you are looking for. Even if it doesn't, it may give you clues as to where the information is. Know that the Internet is not a library. Things appear and disappear, sometimes for no reason. is the best way at present to try to recover something that has been lost.

The archival site that holds the weekly reports that I did is at

There are 10 weekly reports there going back to March of 2016. I will leave them there.

The links to the items below the background links are static. The information they link to changes.

I hope you enjoy this blog.

Eskerrik asko zure arretagatik  (I hope I said that correctly).

Background about Basque Pelota:

For the basics about the modalities of Basque pelota (ball)  in the context of the professional and high level semi-professional or amateur sports in these modalities see the report of March 13-20, 2016 at:

Part 1: (General Introduction and Mano)
Part 2: (Pala, Remonte, and Jai Alai)

For information about Northern Basque Main Nue, see the report of April 6-12, 2016 under Mano.

Player Pages:



Main Nue: 







Cesta Punta: (Internationaux Cesta Punta)

Jai Alai: (World Jai Alai)

Jai Alai: (Dania Beach)

Jai Alai: (Miami). Click on any "Stats" .pdf or text page. Second page of any stats report will contain the roster.

Player Rankings:

Main Nue: (Source: Esku Pilota)

Remonte rankings. See the bottom of this page for an explanation of how the rankings are determined . (Source: Oriamendi2010)

Sources: Most sources are available in Spanish and/or Basque and French only. I use Google translate. It is clumsy but workable.


Asegarce Entertainment Company --Player, match, and Fronton information.

Aspe Entertainment Company--Player, match, and League table information

EITB Television Network--Matches and highlights.

Fronton TV (click on "Videos" then "Programmas").--Matches

Wikipedia article on Basque Pelota--basics and dimensions of the sport.

For Mano, Pala and Remonte, to access on demand matches from EITB TV (Euskal Irrati Telebista--Basque Country public broadcast service):

Search either “Erremontea 2016 (or 2015)”, “Pala 2016 (or 2015)", or "Zesta Punta 2016  (or 2015). Note that at present, EITB keeps only a two year archive of match video available. 

Upcoming live matches.

Mostly Mano at this time:


Player and selected match information. Latest scores. Upcoming matches.

Match scores by set in real time.

Innpala Fronton Facebook Page.

Different from the Innpala Facebook Page linked to at the main Innpala site, this site also is a source for match scores (if not individual joko scores), to be used as a backup if the Innpala Twitter feed is missing match information. This Facebook page also has a marvelous collection of short videos from matches. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to link the videos to the matches, but there are some clues in selected video titles, and uniforms as to what competitions the videos come from. 

Professional Pala at the Munduko Pilota Batzarra (World Pilota Council)

Player information, match stories, excellent source of real time happenings in the world of professional Pala.


Match stories, standings, player statistics, match database, upcoming matches.

Quick access to the latest.

Oriamendi 2010 Twitter site

Live scoring of matches (full score at the end of the match only at this time).

Selected short clips.


Jai Alai:


A. Pari-mutuel quinella:


Miami Jai-Alai


Schedules, game results, statistics, roster, see game pages for results of last ten games for each player.


Simulcasts (fee based):


Dania Jai Alai


Schedules, game results, statistics, roster, see game pages for results of last ten games for each player.


Simulcasts (free of charge):


B. Partido:


Internationeaux Cesta Punta-St. Jean de Luz


Exhaustive information about the annual festival (in French)


Official sources of video for Jai Alai full games:


Internationaux de Cesta Punta


Excellent quality videos.


International Jai Alai Players Association (I Ja Pa)


Jai Alai World Tour

Jai Alai News Facebook Page

Northern Basque Pelota Modalities:

FFPV Federation Francaise de Pelota Basque

Organization, competitions, results, regulations, history

A gigantic database, easily queried, of all of North Basque pelota (live scores, pictures, commentary, videos).

Esku Pilota

Central Information site for all things Main Nue. Results, match stories (in French), player information (use the arrows to scroll up and down the player page, only three players at a time are visible), player rankings, etc.

Esku Pilota Youtube site 

Selected Main Nue matches.

Tout sur la Pelote Basque Youtube site.

Quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to watch North Basque Pelota.