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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mano: XXVI Xabier Goniren Omenezkoa Finals

The finals of the XXVI Xabier Goniren Memorial Tournament were held on April 12, 2017. They featured two finals, a 4 1/2 singles final and a doubles final. If you recognize some of the players below, it is because we have seen them before. The footnotes next to their names will link you to other tournament finals they have played in that have been covered in the blog. All have links to other full match videos. The two contestants in the 4 1/2 final are among the best young amateur players in the Basque Country.

Beloki, Zumarraga  (1)(2)(3)

4 1/2 Final:

Aranguren (blue) (1)(2defeated Alberdi (red) (1) 22-20.

Doubles final:

Salaberria (1)(2)-Gorrotxategi (blue) (1) defeated Urbieta (1)-Olaizola III (red) 22-5.

Full match video for both matches (4 1/2 match: 0:00--58 minutes 25 seconds, doubles final 58:26--1:40:14 on the video).

Match article, with linescore and selected statistics, for both matches (Diario 

35 photos (Diario Vasco)

The match article described the 4 1/2 final as being a hotly contested one, with Alberdi twisting his ankle at 18-18 but finishing the match. The second match featured the mastery of Salaberria-Gortxategi.

Match article for the 4/12 match (Urola Kostako Hiza--Basque)

The day's festivities concluded with a very nice awards ceremony.